Revolutionising Real Estate: PLB’s Approach to Designing Standout Home Tours Customised for Every Home


January 17, 2024

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In every season of the Singapore residential property market, homeowners often ask a common question: How can I sell my house for the highest price and in the shortest time possible?

Central to this important question is to explore how you can distinguish your home from your competition, in other words, other homes that are up for sale at the very moment. It’s essential to recognise that, irrespective of the property type—a HDB flat, condominium, or landed home—each residence is unique, and no two homes are identical.

Today, we will delve into how leveraging on our Signature Home Tour videos to uniquely position each home, highlighting its key Unique Selling Points (USPs), can capture the attention of serious buyers.

We first prep the home

Before our professional in-house media team even begins to shoot at the unit, thorough preparation of the home is essential.

We go to great lengths to present each home in its optimal condition before it enters the market. This involves collaborative efforts with our homeowners, including decluttering following our in-house Decluttering Guide, performing touch-up paint works as required, and considering accessories staging or full-unit staging for vacant homes.

This initial step is crucial in capturing the attention of potential buyers amidst the multitude of listings. 

A cluttered home can divert buyers’ attention away from the home’s potential. Feedback from our buyers indicates that a home resembling a show-flat has a positive impact, making them more inclined to spend additional time in the unit and better envision themselves living there.

We do the homework for the buyer

Once the home is prepared and ready for shooting, with storyboarding and home tour script completed, our in-house professional photographers and videographers, accompanied by a dedicated presenter, will proceed to the unit for the shoot.

PLB’s median Home Tour video duration typically ranges from 13 to 14 minutes. If you’ve ever watched one of our Signature Home Tour videos, you’ll observe that our presentation is balanced, with 50% dedicated to the interior and 50% to analysis.

In our Signature Home Tour videos, the interior walk-through places significant emphasis on the explaining the existing renovations, delving into the homeowner’s thought process behind the renovation work and right down to certain specifications of materials used and costs involved. For properties that, based on our analysis, may benefit from some renovations, we not only discuss renovation ideas but also provide renderings and utilise 3D Architectural Visualisation techniques to showcase the potential of the various spaces.

All these efforts are geared towards ensuring that buyers can envision the unit’s potential or understand how they can adopt the existing renovations to suit their family’s needs and lifestyle.

The other 50%, which is dedicated to in-depth analysis, involves an extensive storyboarding process. This includes thorough research on the specific unit, its development (if applicable), surrounding competition, and any upcoming transformations in the vicinity. Even within the same development, each unit is different in terms of layout, facing, floor level, and renovation. For condominiums, our site plan analysis identifies the unique features of the particular unit, highlighting any rarity factors—for example, being the only stack in the entire development that enjoys an unblocked sea view. 

Analysing surrounding transformations is also crucial for consideration of the exit plan for potential buyers to anchor their decisions. We provide in-depth analysis of significant URA Master Plan developments, government land sales and thereby projecting future launch prices, offering insights into what these mean for homebuyers.

These analyses provide insights that photos on listing portals may not convey.

Our Home Tour videos also delve into the numbers, comparing prices of similar properties in the vicinity so that buyers don’t have to. Our team does the necessary research that every buyer would typically need to undertake, ensuring that thorough comparisons have already been made. This approach is designed to eliminate any doubts that buyers may have and allows them to make informed decisions.

We invest in continuous enhancement of our Home Tour videos

Our media team comprises not only videographers and video editors but also brand marketing and social media analysts. They are continuously exploring ways to enhance our Signature Home Tour videos, aiming not only for a broader reach but also to attract the right viewers and potential buyers. This involves an ongoing effort to innovate and make our home tour videos more engaging, informative, and of high-quality content.

This entails meticulous attention to detail, including the selection and upgrading of our camera equipment.

Most recently in 2023, we have adopted a new tech tool, 3D Architectural Visualisation. 

Previously, discussions about potential home renovation or rebuild ideas relied on explanations provided at the physical unit during viewings. 

However, with 3D Architectural Visualisation, we can now convey multiple stories in a single location through our Home Tours. This enables potential buyers to virtually view the property 24/7 from the comfort of their own homes. When these buyers eventually visit the property for a physical viewing, they will have already completed their “first viewing,” resulting in a more qualified pool of viewers.

Consider this unit, where we effectively showcased how you can transform the empty living space into a 5 sqm loft with a stairway, a couch, a TV console, and a game station—all within a span of 20 seconds.

To modernise homes and cater to the current buyer’s preferences, especially for properties requiring extensive renovations, 3D Architectural Visualisation assists by presenting suggestions for renovation ideas. This not only helps potential buyers envision the potential of the unit but also caters to the preferences of the current generation of buyers.

Closing Thoughts

At PLB, we take immense pride in our Home Tour videos, recognising them as a key tool to help homeowners distinguish their units from the multitude of other listings in the market. Our commitment spans meticulous preparation of the home, crafting compelling storylines, conducting in-depth research for pricing, location, and site plan analyses, and filming with multiple rounds of vetting to ensure top-quality production and accuracy in our content. We believe in marketing every home to its fullest potential. 

More than just a virtual tour of the homes, these videos tell a story—a unique narrative that every home deserves. For sellers aiming to distinguish their homes, convey their story, and command a premium price with our in-depth analyses, our home tours serve as a crucial tool. If you are interested in finding out how we can craft a unique Home Tour for your property, contact us here today. Till next time!

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