Modern Solutions in Real Estate: Pioneering Change at PropertyLimBrothers

Jee Sheong

April 23, 2024

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Explore how PropertyLimBrothers revolutionizes real estate with modern solutions, exemplified by Alfred Cheong’s innovative approach, utilizing technology and creativity to surpass client expectations.Gone are the days of traditional property advertising through newspapers and billboards. In today’s dynamic world, technology dominates, allowing property listings to reach potential buyers instantly through social media platforms. However, this convenience doesn’t necessarily make the realtor’s job easier. With the abundance of online information, homebuyers are more informed and discerning than ever, exploring various options and considering financial implications.

Modern realtors must stay ahead by equipping themselves with extensive knowledge and leveraging technology effectively. At PropertyLimBrothers, we excel in this aspect. Our Associate Listing Manager, Alfred Cheong, exemplifies expertise in communication and problem-solving in this success story. By emphatically understanding the buyers’ concerns and utilising advanced tools like 3D rendering, Alfred managed to skillfully address the buyer’s apprehensions. 

Property Profile

In this success story, the spotlight shines on a 3-bedroom unit located in Daisy Suites, a boutique development with freehold tenure, boasting a mere 25 exclusive units. Our client, a single male employed as a teacher with the Ministry of Education (MOE), had seized the opportunity to purchase this unit directly from the developer at a significant discount. Being the final unit available for sale and with the developer eager to offload it, our client saw the potential for a lucrative investment. His intention was clear – to secure an asset for investment purposes. Following the acquisition, he promptly rented out the property, anticipating capital appreciation in the years ahead.

Unexpected Obstacles in Investment Ventures

At the outset, this property appeared to be a wise investment decision. With successful tenancy arrangements and the assurance of freehold ownership suggesting potential for capital growth in the long term, it seemed promising. However, upon opting to sell, our client discovered that the property had not appreciated as anticipated.

One major concern raised by potential buyers for this unit was its limited living space. Although the total area fell within the range of 1,200 to 1,300 square feet (sqft), the usable living area was only around 800 sqft. The surplus space was allocated to a sizable balcony and a private pool. While this layout may have appealed to a specific demographic, such as those seeking luxury amenities, families were put off by what they perceived as ‘wasted space’.

Dynamic Approaches: Transforming Property Perceptions

Over a span of 6 months and with over 40 viewings but no offers, Alfred revisited his strategy. He carefully analysed feedback from all viewers and devised a brilliant plan, incorporating 3D rendering to enhance the property’s presentation.

With crucial insights in hand, Alfred collaborated with an interior design vendor to create virtual staging images and renderings. He furnished the vendor with detailed information including floor plans and precise unit measurements. Identifying common dislikes among viewers who did not make offers, the interior design vendor was assigned to propose improvements and optimise the unit’s living space.

Creative Adaptations: Enhancing Property Functionality

One idea centred on the two common bedrooms, which featured high ceilings ranging from 3.2 to 3.4 metres in height. The proposal was to introduce mezzanine levels in each bedroom, thereby creating extra usable and liveable space for daily activities. Alfred effectively conveyed this concept to the prospective buyer, yet there was more to his plan.

The prospective buyer expressed a desire for more functional space for their family’s everyday activities. Recognising that the private pool was occupying valuable usable space, Alfred proposed converting it into a decked area to expand storage capacity. Additionally, he suggested transforming the pool space into an extended balcony, perfect for entertaining guests and outdoor dining. These proposals were visualised using 3D rendering, as depicted in the image above. While the image serves as an illustration, it effectively communicated the range of possibilities available.

The Outcome

Through Alfred’s diligent efforts and steadfast commitment to achieving our client’s objectives, a suitable buyer for the unit was secured. Despite having four children, the buyer was persuaded that the property was the ideal fit and made an offer. This success can be attributed to Alfred’s astute collaboration with the interior design vendor, transforming what was initially seen as a flaw in the property into a mutually beneficial solution for both our client and the eventual buyer.

Final Thoughts

In reflection, Alfred emerges as a shining example of dedication and commitment to our clients’ success. His meticulous approach, coupled with unwavering determination, underscores our ethos at PropertyLimBrothers. By meticulously gathering and analysing feedback from previous viewings, Alfred embarked on a journey to address the perceived flaws of the unit.

His innovative solution, utilising 3D rendering technology, epitomises our commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing contemporary advancements in the real estate industry. It serves as a testament to our firm belief that we are not just a conventional real estate agency but pioneers spearheading change.

Alfred’s efforts showcase our unwavering dedication to ensuring our clients’ goals are not just met but exceeded. At PropertyLimBrothers, we are partners in our clients’ journeys, utilising cutting-edge technology to turn challenges into opportunities and dreams into reality.

If you need any guidance in your property journey or if you’re in need of a second opinion on market options, feel free to connect with us here. Our Inside Sales Team Consultants, with their eagerness and experience, stand ready to offer you a personalised consultation session. 

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