Client-Driven Excellence: Realising Dreams Through Prioritising The Client’s Journey


February 22, 2024

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At a time when client centricity is evolving into a paramount driving force in real estate, this article delves into a case study illuminating its significance. 

As we explore the sales approach of Alfred, Listing Manager at PropertyLimBrothers, it will reveal a departure from the conventional wisdom of “the faster you close, the faster you earn your commission”. Instead, Alfred’s focus on prioritising the client journey highlights the transformative power of client-driven excellence in real estate. This commitment, coupled with his dedication to acknowledging the trust placed in him, has empowered Alfred to materialise a dream come true for his client.

The Dream

A family of 4 approached PropertyLimBrothers with the intention of selling their property. Their motivation stemmed from a desire to downsize to an older HDB to direct sale proceeds towards realising a dream of theirs – to establish a Ya Kun franchise in the near future. 

Challenges & Mitigations

While the property, a 4-room corner unit that boasts unobstructed views of an open field, typically appeals to potential buyers, it raised a pertinent question – what were the future plans for the vacant plot of land? Complicating matters, the land was zoned as a residential zone. Given that the unit is situated on a low floor, any future residential construction will obstruct the unit’s scenic views, further working against the preferences of potential buyers. 

With an average of 2-3 groups viewing per weekend, Alfred effectively addressed the aforementioned challenges. He highlighted that the vacant plot of land, which has been utilised as a storage area for the past 10-15 years, is currently zoned as a residential zone but has no concrete plans in place. Additionally, the plot is situated at a considerable distance – approximately 200 to 300 metres away. 

Another concern that arose was that the positioning of the unit allowed others to be able to look into the unit from the car park opposite. This raised an issue regarding the unit’s privacy, further complicating the overall appeal of the property. 

Alfred addressed the concern by underscoring that the view from the car park is confined to a small 90-degree angle, with the visible parking spaces only accommodating 3-4 motorcycles. Emphasising a limited potential for people to linger in that small space, it helped to reduce any cause for concern. 

An Act of Commitment

The first offer came in below the asking price, accompanied by persistent concerns about the perceived lack of privacy in the unit. In line with Alfred’s commitment and respect for the established baseline set by the seller, he staunchly advocated for the sellers and, together, rejected the offer. 

Consequently, the viewing process continued. 

Mishap Turnaround: Signature Home Tour Video

During the subsequent viewing process, an unfortunate miscommunication occurred, causing the date and timing for a scheduled viewing to be mixed up. As a result, the seller, the buyer, and the buyer’s agent conducted the viewing without Alfred. Despite this, the buyer promptly presented an offer post-viewing, ultimately resulting in the successful sale of the unit. 

The triumph of the offer, even in Alfred’s absence, is attributed to our PropertyLimBrothers Signature Home Tour video. The inclusion of comprehensive details, such as floor plan analysis and financial analysis, equips potential buyers with all the necessary information. All that remains is for them to feel the physical space. This accentuates the potency of PropertyLimBrothers’ Signature Home Tour video, demonstrating its ability to comprehensively cover essential details and illustrating how this translates into the empowerment of potential buyers, enabling them to make informed decisions. 

The Dream Fulfilled

Alfred’s approach was marked by strategic efforts to attract the perfect buyer, navigating crucial decisions at a pivotal period, and a commitment to advocating for his client while keeping their journey at the core. These concerted efforts played pivotal roles in making his clients’ dreams a reality. 

As of today, the client’s Ya Kun establishment is officially opened! 

A Display of Client-Centricity

Within the realm of client-centricity, one aspect involves dedicated efforts to nurture and maintain relationships with our clients. Demonstrating this commitment, Alfred, accompanied by Adrian, co-founder of PropertyLimBrothers, visited the newly opened Ya Kun franchise in support of their client. 

Alfred further expressed a profound sense of fulfilment, emphasising the joy in helping his client channel substantial funds into the business through the success of the deal. He described the experience of witnessing his client’s journey as heartwarming and satisfying. 

PLB’s Dedication

Dialling back to Alfred’s emphasis on prioritising his client’s journey, he expressed that the key lies in understanding and recalling the seller’s motivations for wanting to sell the property.

In Alfred’s words:

“I’ll always try to remind myself why the seller approached us in the first place, because they trust us to assist in their property journey so that they can transition on to the next chapter of their life.” 

This quote is a testament that here at PropertyLimBrothers, the team is committed to demonstrating client-driven excellence. It highlights our dedication to understanding our client’s motivations and treating entrusted relationships with integrity. 

Our commitment to client-driven excellence, exemplified by Alfred’s strategic approach, has not only realised dreams but showcased the transformative power of prioritising the client’s journey in real estate success. If you require guidance for your property journey or are in need of a second opinion, do not hesitate to get in touch with us here. PropertyLimBrothers, always happy to show you the place.

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