Sofa So Good

PropertyLimBrothers’s Sofa So Good series is a unique setting where we invite subject matter experts to share their insights with regards to property buying/selling, with inspirational people to learn more from. From renovation trends to the fine details of conveyancing, we explore the realm surrounding real estate.


What is Sofa So Good

We talk to people from many different industries, everything about real estate, buying, investing, selling your property, opinions, advice and also on leadership, entrepreneurship with industry experts

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Nuggets On The Go

A content series where we feed our audience daily nuggets of information, tips, advice, opinions, facts, know-hows and everything relating to Real Estate and Buying, Selling, Investing in Properties in Singapore.

PLB Assembly

A stronghold stemming from PropertyLimBrothers’s main goal — to change the real estate landscape in Singapore. Real Estate advice are a dime in a dozen, but often with hidden agendas.

Meet the Host

Our Recent Podcast

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December 17, 2021