#8: Will Scandinavian Stand the Test of Time? | SFSG S2 E8 (with Renee Lim, CoFounder of LemonFridge Studio)


On this episode of Sofa So Good, Gary Jonas Lim dives into discussion with Renee Lim from LemonFridge Studio on interior design trends observed in 2021 and the outlook for this year in 2022, collaborating with contractors, the budgeting costs for renovations and more. Psst, if you are planning to renovate your home, you might want to look out for some of the tips Renee share in this episode! So join Gary and Renee as they bring you through the interior design aspect of properties and how they shape the character of the homes and their owners in the market today, and ultimately, how IDs are an integral aspect to designing a home right.

You can also see our video on this topic!

Our Author/Guests

Gary Jonas Lim

Accomplished in article writing, Gary has managed magazines and full-on 200-page anthologies and more recently, jolting property editorials and social media. Topics ranging from Architecture to Male Luxury Watches, beauty are all on the same tangent, just packaged differently to consumers like us.

Renee Lim

Renee Lim the managing founder of Lemonfridge Studio. A experienced Interior Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the interior design industry.


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