PLB Cannis Show​

We have none other than Kimberly Chia from Noontalk to host for this interesting yet relevant connection between the two industries. The PropertyLimCannis show is brought to you by Cannis Seng from BR Law together with Melvin Lim and Adrian Lim of PropertyLimBrothers. Stay tuned to find out tips and advice from a real estate lawyer and property experts while uncovering current Singapore property topics for home seekers such as yourself!

Kimberly Chia, PropertyLimBrothers and BR Law

Melvin and Adrian Lim from PropertyLimBrothers share the core factors you’ll have to consider via a unique MOAT Analysis framework and even loan processes, while Cannis Seng from BR Law shares about the legal and financial aspects that are crucial for purchasing a private property.

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