PLB Signature Home Tour Videos: Why Home Tours Can Sell Homes Better & Faster For Sellers


November 26, 2023

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Selling a property is a lot like launching a product in the market. However, this product is a huge tangible product that cannot move and cannot be brought to the customers – it is fixed in a specific location. This means that customers need to take the time and effort to travel down to view this physical product. And because this product is such an expensive and important asset to a buyer, it should be launched and marketed to its fullest potential, which involves a lot of effort and pre-planning to effectively find the right buyer that will fall in love with it.

A common question we get during our client presentations is whether a home tour video is necessary. While we pride ourselves as the pioneers of presenter-style home tour videos which has become our bread and butter, if home tours are not useful or effective, we would not have done hundreds of PropertyLimBrothers Signature Home Tour videos to date for our clients to sell their properties as one of the key element content in the entire spectrum of the marketing campaign. 

In this article, we explore 6 reasons why our Signature Home Tour videos can help property sellers fetch a higher price and exit their properties faster.

1. The Story Effect

The art of storytelling transforms a property into an evocative narrative through the creation of captivating home tour videos. These visual stories not only display the property’s highlights but also engage the audience in a way that still photography cannot. While a photograph may possess an untold backstory, without narration, its deeper qualities and unique attributes remain unappreciated. 

Recalling an anecdote from Paul Smith’s book, ‘Sell with a story’, where he and his wife were fascinated by an underwater photograph of a pig. They were unaware of its rich backstory until the artist, Chris, recounted the tale of the swimming pigs on an island, a skill acquired as a means to reach food discarded by a local restaurateur. This revelation transformed their perception of the image, prompting an immediate purchase.

This resonates with real estate sales. Why should we risk a sale by leaving a property’s story untold? Indeed, one might wish to achieve high sales with minimal effort, but our experience over the years has shown that innovation is key. In the past, the marketing mix was limited to newspapers and then online portals, which felt monotonous over a decade. However, by incorporating narrated home tours with presenters in late November 2016, we witnessed a tangible shift in the outcomes. This approach has reinvigorated the real estate market, injecting excitement for both buyers and sellers alike.

2. Bringing Homes to Buyers

The creation of digital content allows us to make properties virtually accessible to everyone via their smartphones. What was once considered an immovable asset can now reach potential buyers anywhere, thanks to the engaging content we craft that showcases these properties right on their devices. This enables buyers to explore, visualise, and interact with properties before deciding whether to visit in person.

Our data from the past few years underscores the effectiveness of this strategy. A substantial 70% of prospects who attend our property viewings were first captivated by our video content on social media. The remaining 30% found us through traditional property listing platforms. This dynamic marketing approach is largely why we managed to sell a total of 999 properties (across different market segments) between 2020 and the time of writing.

By shifting from a passive to a proactive marketing stance, dubbed an ‘Active’ or ‘Aggressive Campaign’, we don’t simply wait for potential buyers to discover our listings; we actively ensure our properties garner attention. By strategically investing in social media platforms, we greatly enhance the visibility and appeal of our listings.

This is why we dedicate so much energy and resources into continuously producing content for our YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook channels. Our passion for real estate drives us to revolutionise property marketing in Singapore. We’re excited about the potential of the real estate market here and are committed to our vision of transforming it.

Through building a reliable channel with consistent, quality content, we’ve cultivated a growing trust with our audience. New listings on our channels generate more interest and shareability than others. This trusted relationship not only benefits our audience but also significantly amplifies the reach and appeal of the properties we represent.

3. Expanding Possibilities & Buyer Pool

The use of video content allows potential buyers to broaden their search horizons beyond their initial criteria. For instance, a homebuyer might be solely focused on acquiring freehold properties. However, after viewing a home tour video, they might discover that a 99-year leasehold property can offer a wealth of advantages and unique benefits that freehold properties lack, especially if it aligns with other specific location-based preferences they have. 

The home tour thus serves as a medium to open up a buyer’s options, helping them to consider a wider range of properties that they may have previously overlooked.

4. Putting Your Property In The Best Light

Home tour videos evoke a sense of comfort and appeal, touching upon the emotive aspects of purchasing a home. While practical criteria and logic certainly play roles in the decision-making process, the sensory and emotional experiences are crucial, particularly for a residence that one intends to inhabit. It’s about the connection that is forged the moment one steps into a space they can envision as their own sanctuary.

Executing a home tour requires meticulous preparation and attention to detail. Sellers and real estate professionals collaborate closely to curate the environment, engaging in decluttering, arranging, and staging akin to setting up a showflat unit. This is grounded in the belief that every property can reach its fullest potential, and it’s our duty to ensure this is achieved, thereby benefiting both sellers and buyers. Presenting a property at its finest is essential, allowing viewers to see beyond trivial imperfections (e.g cluttered room or toys lying around) and focus instead on the property’s inherent value and possibilities.

5. Drawing Genuine Buyers, Not Shoppers

Consider the all-too-common scenario where the sale process begins and potential buyers are surprised upon their visit — unaware that the home has only three bedrooms, is situated on a lower floor, or lacks storage space. Such revelations are a source of frustration for everyone involved: the seller, the buyer, and the realtor, as it leads to wasted time and effort.

A well-crafted home tour mitigates these issues. It’s more than a mere video; it’s a storytelling art form that comprehensively represents the property. It ensures that buyers have a transparent view of the home’s features and flaws before they step through the door. This clarity streamlines the process, ensuring that only genuinely interested and informed buyers commit to viewings, enhancing the quality and efficiency.

6. Experiential Process & Emotional Appeal

Creating home tours is not just our profession; it’s a source of enjoyment for us. We’re passionate about real estate, we delight in showcasing properties, and we revel in the act of storytelling through our home tours. This enthusiasm is something we aim to spread to our viewers as well. 

After all, a home is more than just a physical space—it’s the epicentre of excitement and life. It’s where families come to life, where children’s laughter echoes through the halls, where we find sanctuary and comfort after the day’s challenges. It’s a tapestry of joy, love, and even moments of sadness—all woven into the fabric of our experiences. Our fervour for producing home tours reflects this sentiment; it’s an extension of our creative spirit as real estate marketers dedicated to bringing these stories to life.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, our signature home tour videos have revolutionised the property-selling experience, not just for buyers, but for sellers as well. Our immersive and emotionally engaging videos serve as the modern-day storytelling canvas, presenting properties in their best light. With a proven track record of capturing the unique spirit of each home, they expand the reach to potential buyers, often leading to quicker sales and at higher prices.

By artfully combining the sensory allure of videography with the informative clarity of a presenter-style tour, we ensure that properties resonate with viewers on a deeper level. Each home tour is crafted with precision, passion, and a deep understanding of the emotional and practical considerations that drive the decision to purchase a home.

For sellers looking to elevate the presentation of their property, reduce unnecessary viewings, and command a premium price, our home tours are the quintessential tool in your real estate arsenal. Our dedication to innovation in real estate marketing means that your home is not just seen but truly experienced by potential buyers, even before they step through the door.

Don’t let your property blend into the background of a crowded market. Let us help you stand out. Contact us here today to see how our signature home tours can translate into successful sales for you. Your journey to a swift and profitable sale starts with just one call. PropertyLimBrothers, always happy to show you the place.

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