Haig 162 Condo Review – Unique Floor Plans with Private Roof Terraces & Jacuzzis


May 15, 2023

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*This article was written in May 2023 and does not reflect data and market conditions beyond. Haig 162 is a freehold development located in the heart of District 15, a district that is known for its predominantly freehold condominiums and apartments. Haig 162 gets its name from the street that it is sitting on – 162 Haig Road, which is adjacent to Jalan Tembusu. The area has gotten a lot of attention this year because of Tembusu Grand which saw 53% of its units sold on launch weekend. In this article, we dive into Haig 162’s project details and explore its location, site plan, unit distribution, floor plans and MOAT analysis.

Location Analysis

Haig 162 is located between the Dakota-Dunman area and the Tanjong Katong-Marine Parade area. This means that it will be well-served by two MRT stations (Dakota MRT on the Circle Line and Tanjong Katong MRT on the Thomson-East Coast Line) once phase 4 of the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) is completed in 2024.  Additionally, the location of Haig 162 is well-connected to the rest of Singapore via major transportation links such as the East Coast Parkway (ECP) and the Pan Island Expressway (PIE). Commuting to other parts of the city is made easy, whether by car or public transport, with several bus stops located nearby as well. It is conveniently located just minutes away from numerous shopping malls, including the trendy Katong Shopping Centre and the bustling Parkway Parade, providing residents with easy access to a diverse range of retail and dining options. For nature enthusiasts, Haig 162 is also close to several parks, including the famous East Coast Park. These green spaces offer opportunities for outdoor activities like jogging, cycling, and picnicking, as well as stunning views of the ocean and city skyline. Given that Haig 162 is made up of only 1 and 2 bedroom units, families are not the primary demographics. However, looking from an investment point of view, Haig 162’s proximity to schools in the vicinity could be an important factor for a niche group of tenants such as single-parent or single-child families.  That said, Haig 162 is in the vicinity of several primary and secondary schools such as Tanjong Katong Primary and Secondary, Haig Girls’ School, and Chung Cheng High School. There are also a number of international schools nearby including Canadian International School of Singapore and EtonHouse International School, for expats with school-going children. 

Site Plan & Unit Distribution

Haig 162 is made up of a single residential block with 15 storeys. As a small development, the developers have done well to incorporate the condo facilities and create a unique building facade. The facilities occupy Level 1 to 4 of the development, with a semi-outdoor concept that gives it a futuristic vibe. This is ingenious on the developers’ part to maximise the small land size while still providing its residents with facilities that one would expect to come with condominium living.   On that same note, residential car parking at Haig 162 is a combination of surface and mechanised parking. If you have not heard of mechanised parking, it is an automated and mechanical system used to maximise the number of vehicles parked in a small space.  As mentioned previously, Haig 162 is made up of a combination of 1 and 2 bedroom units, including its 9 penthouse units. 1-Bedroom units make up almost 90% of the unit mix, which makes the 2-Bedroom units a rarity for this development. Given that Haig 162 is a freehold development, it was designed this way to appeal to investors who are buying to capitalise on the rental demand and yield of the highly sought-after District 15. 

Price Analysis

Historically, Haig 162 has grown by a large margin of 32% since it was launched in 2010. As a private freehold development, it does not have to comply with any Minimum Occupation Period (MOP), only the Seller’s Stamp Duty (SSD) which was introduced in Feb 2010.  When SSD was first introduced, properties acquired between 20 Feb 2010 and 29 Aug 2010 (all inclusive) had a holding period of 1 year before SSD will no longer apply. In Aug 2010, a revision was made to further cool the market, with the holding period increasing to 3 years for properties acquired between 30 Aug 2010 and 13 Jan 2011 (all inclusive). This could be a reason why there was a spike in sub sale transactions between 2011 and 2013, as investors exited before the market got hit with more regulations and cooling measures.  The average prices grew by 37% between 2010 and 2014, before dropping sharply in 2015 on the back of low volume of transactions and possibly investors exiting from the project at a loss. However, the development caught a second wind in 2016, with a 66% growth rate from 2016 to present (at the time of writing).  Traditionally, freehold developments are a good store of wealth because of its tenure and prices can stagnate, appreciate, or fluctuate over time depending on market conditions. For Haig 162, because of its target demographic and unit mix, there is not much fluctuation over the years. In fact, it has been appreciating in the past few years.   Looking at the rental transactions in the past few years, it is apparent why it has been appreciating. Between 2017 to present (at the time of writing), there have been a total of 320 rental transactions within Haig 162, with a steady growth of rental prices over the years. The rental market in Singapore recently hit a hot streak as well, which can be seen from the huge spike between 2021 and 2022. This supports the pricing trend for Haig 162, justifying the quantum that it currently commands. Most of the developments in the vicinity of Haig 162 are freehold boutique condominiums and apartments with less than 100 units. We take a look at the performance of a bigger freehold development (Haig Court; 360 units; TOP 2004), a smaller freehold boutique development (Mountbatten Suites; 32 units; TOP 2012), and an upcoming freehold development (The Continuum; 816 units) in the area. Firstly, Haig Court is one of the oldest developments in the area, obtaining its TOP in 2004. With more than 3 times more units than Haig 162, the transaction volume is naturally higher as well, which translates to better appreciation potential over the years. Between 2013 and 2023, Haig Court recorded a 57% growth in average PSF, a huge number to put up for a freehold property.  Next, Mountbatten Suites obtained its TOP just a year before Haig 162 in 2012. As a boutique development with only 32 units, transaction volume is much lower, resulting in some fluctuation in terms of price growth. Overall, prices for Mountbatten Suites remained relatively stagnant over the past 10 years, recording only a 3% growth. Lastly, The Continuum is one of the highly anticipated new launch developments this year. It is the first condominium project that occupies two separate land parcels divided by a public road. At the time of writing, The Continuum has just been launched and has sold 23% of its units on launch weekend with an average PSF of $2,732. 

MOAT Analysis

PLB’s MOAT Analysis is a highly detailed and thorough approach to assess the worth of a property, by considering a wide range of factors that may impact its value. This method involves a comprehensive comparison of the property with others in the market, using ten crucial elements to provide an impartial evaluation of its appeal to potential buyers in Singapore. If you are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of how the MOAT Analysis works, we recommend referring to this article which offers a comprehensive explanation of the process. According to the MOAT Analysis, which evaluates projects according to their potential for appreciation, Haig 162 received a score of 54%.  Haig 162 performed exceptionally well in the Bala’s Curve Effect as well as the Quantum Effect. The high Bala’s Curve Effect score is attributed to its freehold nature, since there is no risk of lease decay. On the other hand, a high Quantum Effect score means that the quantum prices of Haig 162 falls within the maximum loan capacity of buyers according to the latest national median income. Given the number of freehold developments in District 15, it comes as no surprise that Haig 162 would get a low score for Exit Audience because buyers and investors have many options in the area to choose from. Furthermore, the unit mix would eliminate the family demographic which forms a large percentage of the buyer pool. However, Rental Demand is still pretty decent, which is a good sign for Haig 162 which targets investors looking to make rental plays. 

Floor Plan Analysis

We will be offering our pick for each unit type available at Haig 162 in this section, providing insights that will hopefully help you select the best unit that suits your needs. 


Almost 90% of the unit offerings here are 1-Bedroom units. This means that there will be many layout variations available. In terms of the standard layouts, we favour the type D floor plan which is found in Stack 04.  The type D layout opens into an open concept kitchen, with the household shelter opposite right beside the entrance. We like that the household shelter is tucked away beside the entrance, almost like it’s outside the unit or an extension of the unit. Other layouts have the household shelter placed in the middle of the unit, which may get in the way of any design plans.  There is a small dining space outside the entrance of the bedroom, which makes the corridor towards the living room look a bit narrow. As the bedroom and living room are placed back to back, there is some flexibility in terms of the design and living experience. A swivel TV can be installed to allow one TV to be used for both spaces, depending on the occasion. Another option is to hack down the wall separating the bedroom and living room, installing movable doors instead so that the segregation between the bedroom and living room can be opened or closed for different situations as well.  We would also like to highlight the special units which contribute to the unique facade of Haig 162. Some of the units on the 5th and 14th floor include a private roof terrace and jacuzzi, an extension of the balcony space. These units are rather rare, and would definitely add to the luxurious vibe and living experience at Haig 162.


The standout feature of the 2-Bedroom standard layout is the dual balcony configuration – one in the living room and one in the master bedroom. The interesting part here is that the balcony in the master bedroom is actually bigger than the one in the living room. This could be the developer’s strategy to provide a better living experience for tenants who rent the master bedroom since investors are likely to rent out individual rooms.  The unit opens up into a standard open concept kitchen, with the household shelter placed in between the kitchen and living room. The placement of the household shelter does not take up much of the living space but is instead sort of protruding out of the unit, which is a good design on the developers’ part.  Lastly, the door of the master bedroom is configured right next to the common bedroom, which gives the master bedroom some additional space instead of that corridor area becoming a wasted space. 

Growth Potential

Tanjong Katong and Marine Parade MRT stations, part of phase 4 of the TEL, are both located roughly 1km away from Haig 162. Set to be completed by 2024, the opening of these stations will likely drive prices of surrounding properties up as well, given the impact of the MRT Effect. The relocation of the Paya Lebar Airbase is set to begin in the 2030s, which will mark the start of a major rejuvenation in the District 15 area. The project is set to introduce a huge supply of residential, commercial, and industrial properties into the area. While time will tell how this future supply shock will affect developments in the vicinity, such rejuvenation typically drives up the property prices in the surrounding area. For more information, keep a lookout for our upcoming article on the relocation of Paya Lebar Airbase.

In Summary

Haig 162 is a freehold condominium in District 15, an area with high growth potential as it continues to be injected with exciting new launch projects and upcoming developments further north. As one of the tallest buildings in the area, Haig 162 boasts an unblocked view towards the Marine Parade area with pocket sea views or towards the landed enclave depending on the facing of the unit. With only 1 and 2 bedroom units available, this project will appeal to investors, singles, and young couples looking to expand their property portfolio or to rent for own-stay purposes.

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