Changi Rise Condominium Review: Resort-Style Development in a Serene Residential Enclave


April 29, 2024

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Changi Rise Condominium is a 99-year leasehold developed comprising 598 units across 11 blocks in Singapore’s Eastern region. Completed in 2004, this well-established gem in District 18 offers outstanding connectivity to the city and unrivalled convenience with its amenities and facilities. Situated in the OCR, Changi Rise Condo epitomises the ideal mix of tranquillity and urban living.

In this article, we will take a deep dive into the project details, location, site plan, unit distribution, floor plan analysis, price and MOAT analysis to give readers a comprehensive view of the development.  

This article was written in April 2024 and does not reflect data and market conditions beyond.

Project Details

Location Analysis

Changi Rise Condominium is located in a well-established residential area in District 18, with a plethora of amenities and dining and entertainment nearby. Both East Point Mall and Simei Plaza are both approximately a 15-minute walk from the development, offering residents a range of dining and entertainment options. Moreover, residents can also find different restaurants and cafes within a 4 to 12-minute walk.

Given the condo’s proximity to MRT stations and bus stops, residents have access to several options for transportation. The nearest MRT, Upper Changi Station, is an 11-minute walk away and the Simei MRT is a 13-minute walk from the condo. There are also several bus stops within a 5-minute walking distance from Changi Rise that connect residents to different parts of the city.

Families with young children have several schooling options to choose from close to the development. Kinderland Preschool @ Upper Changi and East Spring Primary School are both within a 1 km radius of the condo. SIA Training Centre and Sports Club are both in the area as well. Additionally, residents will find Giant Supermarket and different health facilities within walking distance.       

Site Plan Analysis

Changi Rise Condominium is built on approximately 42,323 sqm of land and spans 11 residential blocks, comprising a total of 598 blocks. Notably, the majority of the blocks are strategically oriented towards the east or west, affording residents views of the surrounding residential enclave and providing them with a frontage of the Eastern part of Singapore.

The development offers residents a range of facilities, which are all sat in between the 11 residential blocks. Residents can find a swimming pool, a wading pool, a jacuzzi and a sauna. Additionally, Changi Rise Condo has a clubhouse, gym, tennis and squash courts, a BBQ pit and a function room. Aside from these essential facilities that are commonly found in condominiums, Changi Rise also has a jogging range, theatre and a games room among others. 

Price Analysis

In this section, we will be comparing Changi Rise Condo’s average transacted prices with two other developments: Savannah Condopark and Melville Park. We chose these two developments for the price analysis due to their similarities in tenure, year of completion and proximity to one another. 

Savannah Condopark is a 99-year leasehold project with 648 units and was completed in 2000. Both Changi Rise Condo and Savannah Condopark received their Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) in 2014, and are similar in size. Melville Park, on the other hand, is a 99-year leasehold condominium project that was completed in 1992 and received its TOP in 1996. Additionally, the development is the largest of the three, with 1232 residential units. Both of these developments are a 7 and 8-minute walk from Changi Rise. 

Taking a look at the average transacted per square foot (PSF) prices over the last 10 years (2014-2024), Changi Rise Condo has experienced the highest growth rate averaging 25%. Coming in second, Savannah Condopark has averaged a growth rate of 20%, followed by Melville Park with 18%. From 2021 onwards, all three developments have experienced an upward trend in transaction prices.

Changi Rise Condo’s superior performance, despite being the smallest development, could be attributed to several factors. One such factor is its diverse range of unit configurations tailored to meet the needs of various residents. With a mix of 2, 3, and 4-bedroom units, Changi Rise Condo caters to both couples and families, providing them with housing choices that suit their preferences and lifestyle. Furthermore, the thoughtfully designed layout and array of facilities offered at the development may have also contributed to its appeal among homebuyers. The development’s smaller size may also offer residents a sense of exclusivity, driving up the demand for limited supply. In contrast, Melville Park, despite being twice as big, offers only 2 and 3-bedroom unit configurations, limiting its appeal to a smaller segment of the market.  

MOAT Analysis

Through the MOAT analysis, we have methodically assessed Changi Rise Condominium across 10 dimensions to provide readers with an unbiased and balanced review of the development. We have done so by comparing the property with the two properties used for the price analysis: Savannah Condopark and Melville Park. For a deeper understanding of the various aspects of this analysis, please refer to our guide here.  

In our MOAT analysis, Changi Rise Condominium received a score of 66%, placing second after Melville Park, which scored 70%. Savannah Condopark placed third, receiving a score of 64%. An MOAT Analysis score between 60-70% indicates a commendable level, suggesting good appeal to potential homebuyers and promising growth potential.

Changi Rise Condo and Savannah Condopark scored an average of 4 for the Volume Effect, suggesting an appeal to homebuyers in the area and the potential for capital appreciation. This metric is crucial for predicting future capital appreciation, as higher resale transaction volumes typically signal greater potential for value increase. Despite being a larger development with twice as many units as Savannah Condopark and Changi Rise Condo, Melville Park received a lower score of 3. 

Positioned relatively close to MRT stations (within 800 metres), both Changi Rise and Savannah Condopark received a score of 2. Melville Park, on the other hand, received a low score of 1 as the closest MRT station is further than 800 metres from the property. 

All three properties scored a perfect 5 out of 5 for the Exit Audience Score. With several HDB developments in the vicinity, a high exit audience score indicates a large exit buyer audience that can sustain the upward momentum of the prices of Changi Rise Condominium, Savannah Condopark and Melville Park. 

Unit Distribution

Unit configurations available at Changi Rise Condo range from 2-bedroom to 4-bedroom units, and cater to a wide range of homebuyers and tenants. The majority of unit offerings (71%) are 3-bedders, with a small proportion of the unit mix comprising 2-bedder (12%) and 4-bedder units (17%). As most units are 3-bedders, Changi Rise Condo is ideal for married couples and small families. The 4-bedder units are also a good choice for larger, multigenerational families.

Floor Plan Analysis

In this section, we highlight our top picks among the unit types that are available at Changi Rise Condominium. With this, we aim to provide readers with insights that might serve as a guide to finding a unit type that aligns with their preferences and needs. If you want to explore other floor plans not highlighted here, please contact our sales team directly here or through our social media platforms.

2-Bedroom + Study (Type A)

With a size of 1,023 square feet (sqft), the Type A 2-bedder with study offers sufficient space for couples to live comfortably and carry out their daily activities. Upon entering, the floor plan illustrates the living and dining area with a kitchen on the right-hand side. As the kitchen is separated by walls and a sliding door, residents can have a cleaner and more organised environment while being able to conceal any kitchen clutter and dishes from the rest of the unit. The study, two bedrooms and bathrooms are separated from the main living area, offering a sense of privacy for a work-from-home setting, bedtime, and hosting guests.  

3-Bedroom (Type C)

We have selected Type C for the 3-bedder unit configuration. This unit spans 1,259 sqft and offers residents ample space. The entrance directly leads you into the spacious living and dining areas, with a kitchen with sliding doors. The closed kitchen concept is also found in the 2-bedder unit types, offering privacy and a way to keep kitchen clutter out of the main living areas. From the living room, residents have a small corridor leading to the three bedrooms in the unit. The master bedroom comes with an attached bathroom, whereas the other two bedrooms share the second bathroom.  

4-Bedroom (Type E)

The Type E 4-Bedder unit configuration spans 1,496 square feet (sqft) and comes with ample space for larger families and multigenerational families. Upon entrance, residents are met with a living and dining area and kitchen on the left-hand side and a bomb shelter on the right. The bedrooms are all on one side of the unit, ensuring privacy with separation from the living/dining spaces. The master bedroom and the third bedroom come with attached bathrooms, whereas the other two bedrooms have a shared bathroom next to the kitchen.

In Summary

As a well-established development located in District 18, Changi Rise Condominium offers residents a wide range of well-appointed facilities, connectivity, and peaceful surroundings that contribute to a harmonious living environment. Designed to cater to the diverse needs of both young couples and large, multigenerational families, the development provides an array of amenities tailored to enhance daily living experiences.

With the development’s strategic location, residents have easy access to a plethora of amenities, including reputable schools, convenient public transportation options, and vibrant entertainment spaces. This proximity allows residents to balance their daily routines while seamlessly integrating their living spaces with their preferred lifestyle choices. Whether it’s enjoying the tranquil surroundings or accessing essential services with ease, Changi Rise Condominium embodies the epitome of modern, convenient living in District 18.

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