Cape Royale Condo Review – Relaunched Development in Sentosa Cove

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September 5, 2022

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Have you ever dreamt about living on Sentosa island, away from the mainland, facing gorgeous ocean views every day? Well, those dreams of yours could soon become a reality with the latest condominium development release on Sentosa Island — Cape Royale.

This luxurious development was completed in 2013, but due to the property cooling measures introduced by the government, sales of the units have been halted.

Developers: Ho Bee Group & IOI Properties

Architect: Architects 61

District: 04

Address: 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25 Cove Way

Site Area: 21,523 sqm / 231,676 sqft

Tenure: 99 years from 2010

No. Of Units: 302

TOP: 2013


  • Newest development on Sentosa

  • Unblocked sea views

  • Privacy and exclusivity of living in Sentosa

  • Entry price akin to new launches on mainland Singapore


  • Despite being first owners, buyers will be buying into a property with a balance lease of 87 years

  • Non-regular shaped layouts

  • Extra Sentosa Development Corporation fees (applicable to all residential developments on Sentosa)


2013 Cooling Measures

Just a brief overview of the cooling measures which altered the pathway of this development.

In order to discourage speculation in the property market, the Singapore government introduced several cooling measures in 2013. These included:

  • The introduction Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR), which capped a borrower’s monthly loan repayments at 60% of their monthly income

  • An increase in the Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) by 5 – 7% for everyone purchasing their second property onwards

Due to these measures, the private residential market was impacted and many developers put a halt to their sales activities. One such development was Cape Royale on Sentosa Island.

For a more comprehensive overview of the cooling measures enacted by the Singapore government, check out our article here.

After 9 years, the developers of Cape Royale have since decided to start selling the units in batches — with the first rumoured to start late June. This is most probably due to the supply of private residential units hitting a multi-year low at the end of Q1 2022.



Development Information

Cape Royale was a joint development by Ho Bee Group and IOI Properties.

Ho Bee Group is renowned in Singapore and amongst Asia. The group has developed many other developments on Sentosa, including Turquoise, Berth by the Cove, The Coast, as well as Seascape — which is also a joint development by Ho Bee and IOI Properties.

Apart from these projects, the group has also developed The Metropolis at one-north, the largest Grade A office building outside of CBD to date, as well as Elementum, a cutting-edge medical research centre set to be finished by the end of 2023.

On the other hand, IOI Properties, a publicly-listed real estate developer in Malaysia, established its presence in Singapore’s property market back in 2007. It has since expanded into five real estate developments in the country with residential communities and integrated mixed developments.

Designed by firm Architect 61, the design of Cape Royale clinched the Gold award Singapore Design Award 2019. Cape Royale is the ultimate addition to Sentosa Cove, Singapore’s unique waterfront residential enclave, which serves as a symbol of the pioneering spirit that has brought about one of the world’s most sought-after residential addresses.

Cape Royale is a development particular to its site, with its facade design modelled after that of bubble corals, offering Sentosa Cove an identifiable landmark and its residents a distinctive home. In the practical sense, the tower blocks’ spacing and orientation were meticulously planned to maximise views of the Singapore Strait and increase privacy for its residents.

Project Density

The development has a total of 302 units, which gives the low density level of 767 sqft/unit. In comparison to many developments on the mainland, this is an extremely low level of density.

For example, new launches AMO Residences and Piccadilly Grand have a project density of 369 sqft/unit and 231 sqft/unit respectively.

This is a clear differentiation between the density of projects on Sentosa Island and the mainland — projects on Sentosa boast exclusivity and a luxury of space. To prove the point, here are the density levels of other projects within the Sentosa area.

  • Turquoise: 1,313 sqft/unit

  • Seascape: 1,040 sqft/unit

  • Marina Collection: 1,929 sqft/unit

  • The Oceanfront @ Sentosa: 747 sqft/unit

  • The Coast at Sentosa Cove: 1,110 sqft/unit

This would then translate into residents of Cape Royale enjoying a low level of traffic and a high level of exclusivity when it comes to the project’s facilities, which we will share more in the later paragraphs.

Unit Distribution


At time of writing, only blocks 15, 17, 19, and 25 are for sale.

The available units and respective sizes amongst these blocks are as such:

Ground Floor Units

  • 3-bedroom patio units (1,905 sqft — 2,077 sqft)

  • 4-bedroom patio units (2,637 sqft — 2,713 sqft)

Non-Ground Floor Units

  • 3-bedroom units (1,679 sqft — 1,905 sqft)

  • 4-bedroom units (2,508 sqft — 2,530 sqft)


  • 3-bedroom penthouses (2,939 sqft — 2,971 sqft)

  • 3-bedroom + study penthouses (3,391 sqft)

  • 4-bedroom penthouses (4,629 sqft — 4,671 sqft)


Floor Plan Analysis

In general, taking a look at all the floor plans across the development, the first thing we notice is that all units have a private lift lobby — which screams exclusivity and luxury.

Following the facade of the building, all layouts come in a curved shape — which will result in certain void areas or wasted space, which may not appeal to the typical “space-maximiser” type of buyer.

However, as mentioned earlier, even accounting all the void spaces and bay window spaces, the units still stand at a considerable size, in comparison with those built on the mainland.

In terms of bedroom sizing, all bedrooms are able to accommodate a queen-sized bed with space for two bedside cabinetries accounted for.

If you don’t require the bedside cabinetries, you might be able to fit in a king-sized bed.

Floor Plan Analysis — 3 Bedder


Target Demographics: Small families, Retirees
Size Range: 1,679 sqft — 2,077 sqft
No. of Units: 108
Stack Location: 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12
Best Stack and Type: Stack 09, Type A3

In terms of sizing, Type A3 is the smallest at 1,679 sqft. However, the additional floor space for the Type A1 and A2 goes into the kitchen area, AC ledges, and walkway due to the relatively long-ish layout.

Therefore, unless you’re looking for a larger kitchen, Type A3 would be the layout to go for to keep the quantum slightly lower, and still get the same living utility.

Type A3 layouts are found in stacks 9 and 8 in Tower 17 and our personal favourite pick would be stack 9 as it commands the best sea-view facing amongst all the 3-bedroom units.

Floor Plan Analysis — 4 Bedder


Target Demographics: Large families
Size Range: 2,508 sqft — 2,713 sqft
No. of Units: 50
Stack Location: 05, 17, 18
Best Stack and Type: Stacks 17, Type B1

The only difference between the 4-bedder layouts B1 and B2 are in the shape and sizes of the AC ledge areas. Apart from that, the rest of the unit is identical and mirrored.

Stacks 17 and 18 definitely take the cake with the unblocked sea-facing views. The balconies of units in Stack 5 does face directly eastwards, which means you will get to enjoy the best sunrise views, but also receive heat in the later part of the mornings.

Because the only difference between layouts B1 and B2 are the sizes of the AC ledge areas, it would make sense to go for Type B1 to save slightly on the overall quantum.

Floor Plan Analysis — Penthouses


Target Demographics: Large families, Investors

Size Range: 2,508 sqft — 2,713 sqft

No. of Units: 10

Stack Location: 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18

The penthouses are categorised as such:

  • Types P1, P3 — 3-bedder penthouses

  • Types P2 — 3-bedder + study penthouses

  • Type P4 — 4-bedder penthouses

If you’re looking for a 3-bedder penthouse, the logic would follow that of choosing the optimal 3-bedder unit in the previous section — smallest area with the best views.

Hence, stack 09, Type P3 would still be our pick for the 3-bedder penthouses.

Best Stack and Type: Stack 09, Type P3

If you’re looking for an additional study to accompany your three bedrooms, Type P2 is your only option at a size differential of nearly 400 sqft (which would translate to an additional $8,xxk assuming a PSF of $2,2xx!)

Then, you would have to choose from stacks 06, 07, 10 and 11.

Of which, our personal favourite pick would be stack 10 for two reasons:

  1. Balconies of the units here do not face East directly and will not get the brunt of the morning sun

  2. Residents of these units will get to enjoy a wider unblocked view of the sea, in comparison to stack 07.

Best Stack and Type: Stack 10, Type P2

If you’re looking for 4-bedder penthouses, then you would be left with the Type P4/P4a options from stacks 05, 17, and 18.

Now because the differences between Types P4 and P4a are only in the shape and sizes of the AC ledge areas, we would ideally aim for the Type P4 layout, saving on that 43 sqft of cost differential.

That would leave us with stacks 05 and 17 — and unless you have a preference for a view of the yacht zone, the favourite pick would be stack 17 because of its magnificent unblocked sea views.

Best Stack and Type: Stack 17, P4



Residents at Cape Royale get to enjoy the full suite of condominium facilities encompassing everything from the 24/7 security, gym, function room, yoga deck, and arguably one of the best-facing pools in the country — facing directly into the South China Sea.


The luxury of these amenities do come at a cost though. The maintenance fees and sinking fund are depicted in the table below.


Being a luxury development in nature, coupled with the low density environment, the MCST fees are definitely expected to be higher.

Another thing you will notice is the Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) contribution which is an additional fee which owners of residential properties in Sentosa will need to pay on top of their development’s MCST fees.


Location Analysis


For amenities, residents of Cape Royale will be mainly serviced by the Sentosa Cove Village mall which is a 10 minute walk away — the mall features many bistros, cafes, and two grocery stores for your convenience.

At the mall, there is also a shuttle bus service that can take you to Vivocity and Harbourfront Bus Interchange.

Generally speaking, the exclusivity of the area does come about with its slight inconveniences. If you were to stay in this area, driving is almost definitely a necessity as getting to the mainland itself would be a 10 minute drive.

The alternative would be a 40 ~ 50 minute journey via public transport.

However, upon reaching the mainland, central areas like the CBD and Orchard are just a short 15 ~ 20 minute drive away.

For parents with young children, unfortunately, this development might not be within your considerations as your primary residence due to the lack of schools within the surrounding area.

There is an Islander Pre-School by Etonhouse which serves children in pre-nursery to kindergarten 2 levels though.

Perhaps Sentosa should consider developing some educational institutions on the island. Thoughts?

Besides the exclusivity and luxury, the upside to living on Sentosa is being positioned very closely to the Greater Southern Waterfront transformation, which we will share in the following section.


Future Developments and Exit Strategy

The Greater Southern Waterfront is a huge development project that is currently underway in Singapore. When completed, it will span a total of 30 kilometres along the Southern coastline, making it one of the largest such developments for the nation to date.

The project includes plans for residential, commercial, and recreational areas, as well as a new port.

The first phase of the project is expected to be completed by 2030, and when finished, the Greater Southern Waterfront will provide a much-needed boost to Singapore’s economy. It is also expected to create thousands of new jobs and homes for residents.

Another key development to take note of is the transformation of Pulau Brani, which currently serves as a port terminal.

Pulau Brani has since been earmarked to build new attractions akin to those on Sentosa island, which would result in an estimated increase of tourists and visitors to up to 19 million a year.

These huge projects will certainly provide rejuvenation within the area resulting in an uplift in the value of homes within the vicinity — on both the mainland, and Sentosa island.


Pricing Analysis

Let’s say you were looking to purchase a condominium unit on Sentosa Cove. Including Cape Royale, you have 9 options in total.


Cape Royale is the youngest amongst all developments in terms of leasehold, having its 99-year leasehold starting in 2010.

It shares the same TOP date as Seven Palms development Seven Palms. However, that is a luxury boutique project, hence the premium in pricing at $2,8xx to $3,2xx psf.

Adjacent project Seascape has units transacting within the range of $1,9xx to $2,4xx psf, which suggest Cape Royale’s released units are priced competitively in the Sentosa market.

Should you choose to enter the larger units priced at the lower range of the PSF levels, transacted units of the other projects like Seascape and The Oceanfront would definitely serve as a PSF cushion for your exit strategy.

Not to mention, buyers looking to enter the newest developments of the project would be pitting Cape Royale against Seven Palms, and those who seek affordability would undoubtedly be attracted to the former.



Once again, if you’re looking for a luxurious home on Sentosa island, Cape Royale is the newest player on the market.

Although it has been previously tenanted out by the developers and is not in exactly a “new launch” state, the launch price has accounted for it accordingly.

With its luxury and exclusivity, comes its fair share of cons as well — extra SDC fees as well as the inconvenience of having to travel towards the mainland for schools and work.

Projects with this close proximity to the waterfront is something rare on the mainland, as the coastline is usually reserved for public spaces — leaving eager buyers the only option of residential developments in Sentosa.

To these buyers: our editor’s pick would be the Type B1, 4-bedroom layout in Stack 17. Making up only 5.3% of the entire unit mix, these large (2,508 sqft) layouts are not only a rarity within the development, but the entire Singapore as well. The shortage of supply in spacious 4-bedroom layouts will ensure a healthy pool of buyers in the near future, especially as the foreigner population grows to make up half of the country by the year 2030 (source).

If this article piques your interest for this development and you wish to find out more, or you simply wish to explore options for your next property with our team, do feel free to contact our property consultants.

We would be more than happy to answer any queries you may have about this development or the district in general. Till our next article and as always — PropertyLimBrothers, always happy to show you the place. Take care!

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