Koon Seng House New Launch Review – Latest Freehold Boutique Condo Offering in District 15

Jee Sheong

April 15, 2024

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Koon Seng House, a charming blend of luxury and comfort, emerges as a result of the En Bloc redevelopment of the former East Court apartment. Nestled along Koon Seng Road in District 15, it sits near the lively atmosphere of Joo Chiat, renowned for its diverse dining options and vibrant nightlife.

The developers of Koon Seng House meticulously crafted its design and aesthetics, targeting a specific audience who prioritise luxury within a tranquil environment. With only 17 units in this boutique development, residents can expect exclusivity and personalised living spaces.

As a freehold property, Koon Seng House not only represents a legacy investment but also offers future residents the opportunity to experience upscale living in a prestigious East Coast neighbourhood. With convenient access to Singapore’s heritage attractions and vibrant city life, it promises a blend of sophistication and convenience.

This review offers a comprehensive look at the standout features and various unit configurations of Koon Seng House, highlighting it as the ideal choice for individuals in search of unparalleled exclusivity and luxury living within District 15.

Project Details

Location Analysis

The closest MRT stations are Eunos on the East-West Line and Dakota on the Circle Line, both just a short 6 to 7-minute drive away. Alternatively, residents can conveniently access these stations by hopping on nearby bus services, with stops located within approximately 300 metres of the development. In addition, the upcoming Marine Parade MRT Station, part of the Thomson-East Coast Line, is slated to start operating by June 2024. This station is also just a quick 7-minute drive from the development, further enhancing transportation accessibility for future residents.

While Koon Seng House isn’t directly adjacent to an MRT station, its proximity to various amenities and entertainment options compensates for this. Within a short 6-minute walk, residents can reach Dunman Food Centre, complemented by numerous eateries lining Dunman Road. Alternatively, a leisurely stroll along Joo Chiat Road unveils a vibrant array of additional dining venues and bars.

Another standout feature of Koon Seng House’s location is its proximity to five prominent schools within a 1-KM radius. These include Haig Girls’ School, CHIJ (Katong) Primary, Tanjong Katong Girls’ School, Tanjong Katong Primary School, and Tao Nan. This makes it an excellent choice for families with school-aged children. 

Site Plan Analysis

Nestled within a serene landed residential area, Koon Seng House stands as a single-block development spanning five storeys, enclosed within a rectangular perimeter. While its compact size limits the range of facilities available, residents still enjoy standard condominium amenities. These include a 22-metre lap pool adjacent to a barbecue area, a children’s play zone, and an air-conditioned reading room.

Despite the modest amenities, the exclusivity of only 17 units ensures residents won’t encounter overcrowding or competition for facilities, fostering a peaceful living environment.

The developers of Koon Seng House were inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Ikigai, emphasising purpose and functionality while infusing elements of elegance and luxury. The interior design will feature wood and stone finishes, creating a serene ambiance for residents to enjoy.

Price Analysis

In this section, we’ll be comparing the preview prices of Koon Seng House with the average prices of nearby developments. The developments selected for this analysis include The Ramford, Gallery 8, and Cantiz @ Rambai, all of which are boutique freehold developments.

Gallery 8, slightly larger with 32 units, was completed in 2004 and is located just a 3-minute walk from Koon Seng House. The Ramford, housing 16 units, was completed in 2022 and is a mere 1-minute walk away. Cantiz @ Rambai, with 12 units, is a 2-minute walk from Koon Seng House and was completed in 2011.

Two bedders at Koon Seng House are priced from $2,288 per square foot (PSF), three bedders from $2,284 PSF, and 4 bedders from $2,285 PSF. 

In our analysis, Cantiz @ Rambai experienced the highest increase in average price per square foot (PSF) for transacted sales, rising by 35.58% over a 6-year period from 2018 to 2024. The Ramford saw a 17.29% growth in average transacted price over 5 years, from 2019 to 2024. Meanwhile, Gallery 8 observed a growth of 16.70% from 2016 to 2021, with 2021 marking the final year of transactions for this development.

Expanding on the Price Analysis, we’ve examined the price trends of Grand Dunman—a 99-year leasehold mega development, not represented in the chart—launched on July 15, 2023, with 1,008 units. Grand Dunman achieved an average transacted price of $2,535 PSF in 2023, increasing to $2,573 PSF in 2024, marking a 1.49% growth. Comparing Koon Seng House’s prices to Grand Dunman’s reveals a slight disparity. While Grand Dunman’s mega development status could potentially suggest faster capital appreciation in its initial years, Koon Seng House benefits from perpetual potential for capital appreciation as a freehold development.

Despite the higher preview prices per square foot (PSF) of Koon Seng House compared to the average PSF price of The Ramford, the newest development in this comparison, they reflect the ongoing price trends for freehold properties in prime sought-after locations. Additionally, Koon Seng House offers the appeal of a brand-new development with a more contemporary aesthetic. Furthermore, future residents can enjoy the advantage of not having to deal with lease decay concerns and may choose to leverage the property for investment purposes, whether through rentals or long-term capital appreciation.

MOAT Analysis

We’ve conducted a MOAT Analysis to examine the standout features of various developments in District 15, comparing them to Koon Seng House. The selected developments for this analysis include Aura 83, One @ Pulasan, The Lush, and Tivoli Grande, all of which are freehold boutique developments.

Since Koon Seng House hasn’t been launched yet and lacks data for our MOAT Analysis, we’ll provide commentary on some important scoring in comparison to the other developments included in our analysis.

In our MOAT Analysis, Tivoli Grande led with a score of 64%, followed by The Lush at 62%, while Aura 83 and One @ Pulasan tied at 60%.

Interestingly, all developments scored at least 3 out of 5 for both District Disparity and Region Disparity, indicating strong appeal for freehold boutique properties in the district and region. We anticipate Koon Seng House to achieve a similar score.

The Lush received the highest MRT Score of 2 out of 5, slightly farther from Eunos MRT Station compared to Koon Seng House, but closer to the upcoming Marine Parade MRT Station. We expect Koon Seng House to score similarly.

For the Rental Score, all developments scored 3 out of 5 except for One @ Pulasan with 2 out of 5. This indicates that these properties are generally attractive to potential tenants. Given Koon Seng House’s strategic location, we anticipate it will also score at least 3 out of 5, making it equally appealing to renters.

Notably, all developments scored 1 out of 5 for the Exit Audience Score, likely due to their boutique size and limited HDB upgrader pool. However, Koon Seng House’s freehold status offers value preservation and long-term capital appreciation potential, making it ideal for owner-occupiers with a generational investment perspective.

In summary, based on our predicted MOAT Analysis scores, we anticipate Koon Seng House to achieve an overall score within the 60% to 70% range.

Unit Distribution

Unit configurations at Koon Seng House vary from 2-bedroom to 4-bedroom layouts. The 2-bedroom units are all 786 square feet (sqft) in size. For 3-bedroom options, there are two sizes available: 1,033 sqft and 1,163 sqft. The 4-bedroom units range from 1,216 sqft to 1,313 sqft in size.

As shown in the table, the largest portion of units at Koon Seng House consists of 4-bedroom configurations, offering three distinct layout types, totaling 47% of the development’s inventory. This suggests that the developer primarily targets families, including those with multiple generations living together, as their main audience.

Floor Plan Analysis 

In this section, we will present our top choice for each available configuration. If you want to explore other floor plans not highlighted here, please contact our sales team directly or through our social media platforms.


Type A1-A shares the same size and layout as Type A1, but our preference lies with Type A1-A due to its location on the fifth storey, providing residents with elevated views of the surroundings. This layout positions the kitchen, master bedroom, and attached bathroom away from the living and dining areas, enhancing privacy. With a rectangular layout, space utilisation is efficient, and the sizable balcony offers opportunities for alfresco dining or leisure activities. 


Our preferred choice for the 3-bedroom option is Type B2, which offers a larger size at 1,163 sqft, making it suitable for larger or multi-generational families. Its efficient rectangular shape allows for optimal space utilisation, providing ample room for family activities and bonding. Similar to Type A1-A, the master bedroom and common bedrooms are positioned away from the main living areas, enhancing privacy. With a spacious kitchen and sizable balcony perfect for al fresco dining, this configuration is ideal for hosting guests.


Our preferred choice for the 4-bedroom configuration is the C2-A Type. It shares the same size and layout as Type C2, but we’ve selected it because it’s situated on the fifth storey, providing residents with elevated views of the surroundings. With a spacious size of 1,313 sqft, residents are welcomed by a long foyer upon entry. The sizable living and dining areas offer ample space to facilitate family bonding as well as daily activities. The long foyer that is usually seen as an inefficient space, could be used to increase storage options with a stretch of carpentry, with the added bonus of additional privacy for the main areas. The kitchen’s square shape may provide a more convenient cooking experience. Like other highlighted types, the bedrooms are all separated from the main living areas for enhanced privacy. Additionally, Type C2-A includes a Water Closet beside the kitchen, for that added flexibility of having an extra toilet for usage. A bonus to further enhance privacy when guests are over, as they may not need to access the bedroom areas. 

The Verdict

In our view, Koon Seng House is perfect for owner-occupier families. Situated in a lively and desirable neighbourhood with abundant amenities, it also offers a sense of privacy as a boutique development. The unit configurations cater to various family needs, providing ample space and efficient layouts.

Its proximity to several esteemed schools within a 1-KM radius adds to its appeal, making it an attractive choice for families with school-aged children or as an investment opportunity due to the likelihood of gradual capital appreciation, owing to its strategic location.

Its freehold status, combined with our anticipated positive MOAT Analysis score, makes it a smart investment for homeowners planning for the long haul. Additionally, it offers the advantage of passing down wealth to future generations.

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