5 Important Lessons We Learnt from Selling 269 Homes In The Last 24 Months

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January 24, 2021

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In 2017, when The PropertyLimBrothers brand was set up, we struggled to sell properties effectively. Our solution, after much deliberation, was to focus on our marketing strategy. Through capitalising on social media and building a strong foundation, we have successfully managed to sell 269 homes in the last 24 months. Here are 5 important lessons we have learnt along the way. For those within the property industry, or are planning their next big startup, this is for you.

Lesson #1: Be Intentional

To build this brand, we set out by being deliberate. We believe in meticulous planning for a multi-pronged approach. When our clients approach us to sell their property, we aim to provide a seamless property-selling journey. For buyers who come to a viewing session with the intention to buy, we come prepped with research and deliberate observations. For clients without clear intentions, we guide them through our content and videos. These intentions require dedicated approaches, bringing about optimal outcomes.

Co-Founders: Adrian Lim and Melvin LimCo-Founders: Adrian Lim and Melvin Lim

Co-Founders: Adrian Lim and Melvin Lim

Lesson #2: 10,000 Iterations

We hone our value propositions with each new client and listing, immersing ourselves in finding the best way to sell your property. Unlike what Malcolm Gladwell shared in his book Outliers, the focus isn’t on 10,000 hours of practice. Rather, we focus on 10,000 iterations of:

  • Understanding our seller’s goals and motivations,

  • Highlighting the strengths and softening any weaknesses of the property listing

  • Creating an angle that attracts the right buyers

  • Providing possible solutions to the challenges of the listing, and

  • Finally capturing the buyer’s heart and mind through expert negotiation.

While we might not have a 100% success rate, we rely on a dedicated team striving for consistent improvement to live up to our vision and mission to support our clients.

Lesson #3: The Power of Daily Actions

Over the past three years, PropertyLimBrothers has uploaded 600 videos and racked up more than 13 million views — a new video was uploaded every other day. How did we do it? Through daily 10,000 iterations. During our embryonic stages, we measured our daily actions and not our results for a season. As a result, we managed, and continue, to build a comprehensive outreach method and a large audience to find the most suitable buyer for properties.


Lesson #4: Sensitive Negotiation

Contrary to popular belief, the most important skill in negotiation is sensitivity. Effective negotiation requires the ability to pick up non-verbal cues from potential buyers by observing their emotions, behaviours and words. This way, we may uncover true intentions or misgivings both buyers and sellers might have – leading to smoother and satisfactory negotiations.


Lesson #5: Investing in the Future

As we engage daily with our sellers and buyers, we learnt that it’s not the property that people are truly investing in, it’s their futures. When sellers move out of their property, they open a new chapter in their lives. Buyers, conversely aim to secure new memories and make wise financial decisions beneficial to their endeavours. This realisation has helped us tremendously when we advise and plan the property choices for all our clients.


Always end on a good note

Through writing this, we have had to do our own self reflections and ask ourselves some probing questions. We don’t deny there’s a sense of enrichment through this.

We now invite you to do the same. What are your goals for the next few years? How can we help you achieve them? If you are ready to take the next step, drop us a message here for a no-obligation discussion on navigating your property options.

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