May 10, 2024

How URA Master Plan, Plot Ratios & Developments Impact Property Investments in SG | NOTG S3 EP 64

This week, the NOTG team discusses the URA Master Plan and how it can guide property investment decisions. They highlight the importance of understanding different plot zones and the development potential, as well as plot ratios determining the density of developments that might impact properties with previously unblocked views, which, in turn, could affect desirability and eventually their value.

Regarding the URA Master Plan, the talk of the town for the longest time has been the development of the Greater Southern Waterfront. Is it considered overhyped? Is it still too far down the road for sellers to factor it into their property’s selling quantum? What will the future hold for that area? What about other upcoming projects like the long island project?

In this episode, Melvin Lim, Yu Rong, Grayce, and Lyndon from PropertyLimBrothers delve into the URA Master Plan, Land Plots, Government Land Sales, EC plots, and the foreseeable future development in Singapore Real Estate! Hear what they think about these factors and their impacts!