January 27, 2024

A Hassle-free Back-To-Back Sale! | Chit Chat Sessions Ep 42

For today’s Chit Chat session, we have the pleasure of hosting Sam and Ralf. Sam initially discovered PLB through social media, and additionally, thanks to Patricia—an associate listing manager at PLB who also happens to be a former classmate of Sam. Despite initial apprehensions about our ‘apparent’ high cost, they ultimately chose us for our seamless transaction experience and social media presence. Patricia teamed up with Gabriel, a fellow associate listing manager, and worked together and ensured a smooth process for Ralf and Sam.

Ralf and Sam’s real estate journey with Patricia and Gabriel didn’t end with just the sale of their HDB. They have since upgraded to an amazing top-floor corner penthouse at Whistler Grand, which, with the help of Patricia and Gabriel, is now also sold! Yup, Ralf and Sam decided to put their new home up for sale just 6 months after receiving the valuation. Join us as we debunk some myths and delve into the twists and turns of Sam and Ralf’s property journey on this episode!