Top 5 Trending Interior Design Styles In 2023 For Your New Home


November 18, 2023

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Collecting the keys to your new home marks a significant milestone in the journey of property ownership. It is the moment when a new canvas unfolds, awaiting your artistic touch to transform an empty space into a cherished home.

In this article, we delve into five trending interior design styles. While trends may come and go in the realm of interior design, what remains timeless is how a design mirrors the essence of the household it surrounds. Join us as we discover the unique styles that will shape the very essence of your home.

1. Scandinavian

Scandinavian design continues to be a favourite among homeowners for its everlasting appeal. At its heart lies the principle of simplicity, a defining characteristic of this Nordic style. Embracing the notion that “less is more”, Scandinavian design champions a minimalist approach to aesthetics. Each piece of furniture and decor serves a distinct purpose and often aims to optimise functionality, a particularly valuable trait in today’s compact living spaces. 

In an era where unit sizes often limit available space, Scandinavian design provides a thoughtful solution. Its emphasis on functional furnishings and efficient use of room layouts caters perfectly to those seeking to make the most of every square foot.

One unmistakable feature of a Scandinavian-style home is the prevalent use of natural materials, notably wood. This approach extends to the architectural elements and furniture pieces, creating an inviting and warm atmosphere. Additionally, the design prioritises the infusion of natural light into living spaces, often achieved through open floor plans.

What truly sets Scandinavian design apart is the cherished concept of “hygge” (pronounced hoo-gah). This Danish word, without a direct English counterpart, encapsulates the feelings of cosiness, contentment, and well-being. Picture warm, gentle lighting casting a soft glow over a space adorned with soft textiles — a lived-in environment where comfort takes precedence. It is no wonder that this style remains in popularity, even nearly a century after its inception.

2. Japandi

In fact, Scandinavian design has inspired a multitude of other design styles, with one being Japandi — an east meets west moment if you will. Japandi design strikes an exquisite balance between the simplicity of Scandinavian design and the refinement of Japanese design. 

Both design styles have many similarities with an emphasis on nature-inspired elements, the infusion of natural light, a use of natural materials, and a muted natural colour palette. The commonalities create a design aesthetic that harmonises the best of both worlds. Similar to its predecessors, Japandi also places a strong emphasis on functionality and practicality. 

In addition to these influences, Japandi design draws inspiration from both Wabi Sabi and the Scandinavian concept of hygge. While hygge is associated with creating cosiness and contentment, Japandi leans more heavily toward Wabi Sabi in terms of its design principles and aesthetics The Wabi Sabi philosophy celebrates imperfections, transience, and the beauty of age and wear. In Japandi interiors, you may notice the use of weathered, aged materials and objects, adding character and depth to the space.

In essence, Japandi design appeals to those who value the fusion of cultural influences, and a deeper connection to their living spaces. The design allows individuals to enjoy the comfort of tradition while embracing the efficiency and simplicity of modern living.

3. Modern

The evolution of modern living into an integral part of interior design can be attributed to various factors. Global economic growth and rising affluence allowed residents to invest in modern, stylish homes. This newfound purchasing power has made contemporary furniture and appliances more accessible, shaping the modern design landscape.

One of the hallmarks of Modern interior design is its seamless integration of smart home technologies. Features such as home automation, smart lighting, and smartphone-controlled systems have become integral components of modern living spaces. This emphasis on functionality and minimalism remains a priority for homeowners seeking a streamlined and efficient lifestyle.

Furthermore, modern homes are characterised by their affinity for natural materials, with stones often taking precedence over traditional wood. This shift towards stones aligns with the modern design’s inclination towards sustainability and durability. These modern interiors typically embrace a neutral colour palette, including shades of whites, greys, and blacks.

Several other designs and movements have been inspired by or share similarities with modern design. These sub-styles often incorporate elements of modernism while adding their unique characteristics and interpretations. Take for example, Mid-Century Modern design focuses on form and innovative production techniques of the mid-twentieth century. In contrast, Modern Luxury seamlessly combines luxury and sophistication with modernisation. Central to these design styles is an understanding of the trends within the aspired time period.

4. Light French 

Light French is a sub-style of traditional French interior design. It distinguishes itself by embracing a lighter colour palette and lighter atmosphere. It offers a modern take on the traditional French style – one of the earliest and ornamental design styles.

When comparing Light French to traditional French design, several key elements come into play. Light French design places a strong emphasis on maximising natural light, employing a softer and more pastel colour palette, and favouring less ornate furnishings. It strategically incorporates mirrors to amplify both natural and artificial light, introducing gold accents and gilded frames to infuse a subtle touch of glamour.

Artistry and craftsmanship also find their place within the Light French style. It invites the inclusion of artwork, decorative objects, and intricately designed pieces that enhance the overall aesthetics.

Those who appreciate the timeless allure of French interiors but desire a lighter, more relaxed atmosphere will undoubtedly find the Light French style to be an exceptionally captivating choice. It offers a serene and sophisticated haven for those who seek to infuse their homes with a touch of refined French aesthetics.

5. Coastal 

Singapore, as an island, serves as a natural muse for homeowners looking to infuse coastal aesthetics into their abodes. Coastal design places a strong emphasis on the connection to the natural world, incorporating materials like wood, stone, and seashells. The colour palette, inspired by the sea, sand, and sky, typically features soft blues, whites, sandy neutrals, and ocean-inspired greens — a combination that evokes the serene beauty of the coast.

The roots of Coastal style can be traced back to various coastal regions worldwide, each contributing to the unique characteristics that define it today. It is a design style that offers a breath of fresh air — an escape to a coastal paradise right at home.

At its core, coastal design prioritises relaxation and tranquillity, making it ideal for those seeking a peaceful and laid-back living environment where they can unwind and de-stress. For avid travellers and explorers of coastal destinations, coastal design is a way to bring elements of their favourite coastal regions into their own homes.

Final Thoughts

In a world where trends often come and go in the blink of an eye, it is refreshing to observe which style has remained popular amongst Singaporean households. The covered design styles have design philosophies that align with current housing trends and lifestyles. Whether it is the cosy simplicity of a Scandinavian-inspired living room or the sleek elegance of a modern kitchen, these styles have proven their worth in creating homes that are both visually stunning and incredibly livable.

As with any design trend, it’s crucial to remember that personal style, functionality, and happiness should be at the forefront of your design decisions. At PropertyLimBrothers, we strongly believe that your home should cater to your family’s specific needs and lifestyle, reflect your unique preferences, and bring you joy. If you are still on the hunt for a dream home, or require a second opinion on your options in the property market, do not hesitate to contact us here.

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