The Tampines Trilliant Condo Review – The Ideal Resale EC Project For Families?

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May 18, 2024

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The Tampines Trilliant  is a 99-year leasehold executive condominium situated in District 18, developed by Sim Lian Pte Ltd. It attained its TOP status in 2015, with the lease commencement dating back in 2011. Alongside CityLife @ Tampines, The Tampines Trilliant stands as one of the closest developments to the Tampines Central, offering convenient accessibility for commuters taking the public transportation, as well as easy access to nearby amenities. 

If you are interested to find out more about The Tampines Trilliant, read on as we delve deeper into the project details, location, site, price, and MOAT analysis.

*This article was written in May 2024  and does not reflect data and market conditions beyond.

Project Details

Location Analysis

The Tampines Trilliant is located along Tampines Central 7, a 10-minute walk away or a single bus stop away from Tampines Interchange. Residents can benefit from the proximity to Tampines MRT on the East West Line (EWL) and Downtown Line (DTL), ensuring convenience for residents when it comes to commuting and accessing various parts of Singapore. 

Furthermore, due to its close proximity to three prominent shopping malls – Tampines Mall, Tampines One and Century Square – residents have access to an extensive array of shopping options, complemented by a diverse selection of dining options catering to various tastes and preferences. 

Additionally, we have Our Tampines Hub which stands as a testament to vibrant lifestyle in the area. This dynamic community hub serves as a bustling hive of activity, from state-of-the-art sports facilities including swimming pools, gym, and indoor sports hall, to vibrant cultural spaces hosting performances and exhibitions. Moreover, it also houses essential services and amenities such as healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and retail outlets making it a one-stop destination for all your needs. 

When it comes to nearby amenities, residents benefit from the convenience of having supermarkets like Prime Supermarket and Giant located just a short stroll away for groceries and household products. Moreover, residents have convenient access to the Ikea, Giant, and Courts mega outlet located in Tampines North, just a short 5-minute drive away. This proximity ensures that all essential amenities and shopping needs are readily available, contributing to the overall convenience and desirability of the location.

Within a 1km radius, residents will find a selection of institutions, including Angsana Primary School, Gongshang Primary School, Poi Ching School and Tampines North Primary school. This proximity is ideal for families with school going children, ensuring convenience and accessibility to education options. 

One prominent business hub close to Tampines Trilliant is Changi Business Park, a bustling commercial district distinguished by its clustering of multinational corporations. Conveniently located just a 10-minute drive away, this area offers unparalleled opportunities for businesses to thrive. Furthermore, the Tampines Regional Centre stands as another significant business hub nearby, further enriching the commercial landscape of the area.

Regarding recreational activities, residents have the option to visit Sun Plaza Park, conveniently situated beside, providing ample opportunities for leisurely strolls and outdoor relaxation.

Site Plan & Unit Distribution

The Tampines Trilliant is situated on a land parcel of approximately 22,000 square metres, boasting a total of 670 units spread across 12 blocks, each towering to a height of 15 storeys. The blocks are strategically positioned at a good distance from each other, allowing for optimal ventilation and enhanced airflow.

The development boasts an impressive array of facilities designed to cater to the diverse needs and lifestyles of its residents. It consists of four pools, each serving a distinct purpose: a lap pool, a serene spa pool for relaxation, a wading pool for young children and a tranquil meditation pool. For those who prioritise physical fitness, the gymnasium offers well-equipped exercise equipment, allowing residents to maintain their fitness routines. Additionally, there’s a tennis court for sports lovers and also ample outdoor areas where residents can engage in various activities. 

Moreover, there are 3 side gates in the development, making it convenient for residents to access nearby bus stops for easy commuting. 

The Tampines Trilliant offers 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom configurations, and the penthouses. This stands out notably in comparison to other developments primarily featuring larger unit sizes, making it a rare gem for families seeking versatile living spaces.

Price Analysis 

In this section, we will analyse the sale transaction volume and price performance of The Tampines Trilliant in comparison to two other executive condominiums in the Tampines area: CityLife @ Tampines and Arc at Tampines. CityLife @ Tampines, completed in 2016, comprises 514 units and is situated beside The Tampines Trilliant. On the other hand, Arc at Tampines, completed in 2014, consisting of 574 units,  is located closer to the Tampines West area, approximately six bus stops away from Tampines Central.

Our analysis will focus on the average resale prices observed over the last 5 years for these properties. We’ve observed significant growth across these three developments, with The Tampines Trilliant recording an impressive growth rate of 51%. In comparison, Arc at Tampines experienced a growth rate of 43%, while CityLife @ Tampines recorded a growth rate of 35%. The differences in growth rates can be linked to various factors, including shifts in market demand, the availability of units within the development for sale, and prevailing market sentiment.

What about upcoming executive condominiums in the vicinity? Let’s take a look at Parc Central, an executive condominium set to obtain its TOP in the third quarter of 2024. This development was initially launched at an approximate price of $1,200 PSF. Once the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) for this development is met, it is anticipated that the resale prices may experience an increase of around $300 PSF, placing the expected range at approximately $1,500 PSF.

In comparison to Parc Central, The Tampines Trilliant boasts a resale PSF already reaching $1,500. Although it is slightly older, The Tampines Trilliant holds an advantageous position closer to the central area and has generally larger unit sizes. 

MOAT Analysis

The MOAT Analysis is a proprietary tool by PLB that presents a meticulous technique for estimating a property’s value, considering a wide array of influential factors. This strategy involves a comparative study of the property against others, grounded on ten key dimensions, to deliver an unbiased assessment of its attractiveness to the broader market in Singapore. To grasp a deeper understanding of our tool’s functionality, kindly refer to this article, which elucidates the MOAT Analysis in detail.

The following are the final MOAT scores of the developments we highlighted in the previous section: The Tampines Trilliant (66%), CityLife @ Tampines (66%). Let us explore the strengths of The Tampines Trilliant by zooming into the specific areas that it has performed well in. 

According to the MOAT Analysis, both The Tampines Trilliant and CityLife @ Tampines got the highest scores for Exit Audience and Parents’ Attraction Effect.

A high exit audience score indicates a strong appeal among potential buyers, particularly among HDB upgraders seeking properties within the vicinity. This heightened interest is largely attributed to the presence of nearby HDB estates, making it an attractive option for those looking to upgrade their living arrangements. Moreover, the high parents’ attraction effect is attributed to its proximity to schools in the area. This aspect is particularly appealing to families with school-age children, as it offers convenient access to education facilities. 

The relatively low score of 2 out of 5 in rental demand can be attributed to the abundance of residential options available within the Tampines area. The presence of numerous alternative rental choices provides tenants with a wide array of housing options to select from.

Floor Plan Analysis

In this segment, we will highlight our top choice from each unit type available at The Tampines Trilliant. Our aim is to furnish you with useful knowledge that will assist you in choosing the perfect unit tailored to your tastes.


This 3-bedroom layout boasts a spacious area of 872 sqft. Upon entering the unit, one immediately notices its regular layout, featuring the dining and living space. Adjacent to the dining area, the enclosed kitchen space is conveniently situated, complete with a separate yard area. 

Notably, one of the common rooms exhibits a longer layout compared to the other, with the common bathroom situated outside. And also the master bedroom, complete with an ensuite bathroom. 

3-Bedroom + Utility

It’s worth highlighting that there are four distinct floor plans available for the 3-bedroom plus utility types. Among these options, the Type B1 layout, spanning 1,130 square feet, stands out notably. What sets this layout apart is the presence of a balcony at the yard, providing direct access to the master bedroom – a feature not usually found in layout nowadays, making this layout stand out.

Upon entering the unit, you’ll immediately encounter the spacious living and dining area. It’s worth mentioning that the absence of a foyer space optimises the utilisation of space effectively. What distinguishes this layout from the standard 3-bedroom configuration is, of course, the inclusion of an additional utility space. This area serves as an ideal storage solution for bulky items, functioning essentially as a storage room. Alternatively, if you have a helper, this space can also accommodate their needs.


There are exclusively four stacks of 4-Bedroom units. Predominantly featuring the 1,302 sqft layout whereas the other units are patio units sized at 1,582 sqft with a bigger PES space. With only 4 stacks comprising a total of 98 units, making these units exceptionally rare and sought after. 

Featuring a spacious living area and dining space, this layout also includes an enclosed kitchen with an adjoining yard and utility area. Additionally, there are two common bedrooms, a junior master bedroom with a balcony that extends to the yard, and a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. This layout is especially well-suited for families seeking ample space and comfort.

URA Master Plan 

Upon reviewing the URA Master Plan detailing the surrounding developments adjacent to The Tampines Trilliant, we observed the presence of a red site directly opposite. This designation typically indicates that the land will be allocated for healthcare and medical facilities. However, as of now, there has been no announcement regarding the timeline for the construction of these facilities.

Growth Potential

A noteworthy aspect to consider is the ongoing transformation of Tampines North, poised to bring exciting changes to the region. This ambitious endeavour is projected to introduce approximately 21,000 new residential units, marking a significant expansion that will shape Tampines North into a dynamic and thriving community. With the implementation of plans for new MRT stations and enhanced bus connectivity, transportation within and beyond Tampines North is slated to become notably more efficient, fostering seamless commuting experiences for residents and visitors alike.

Moreover, alongside transportation enhancements, Tampines North is slated to see the introduction of a wide array of new amenities and recreational facilities. Residents can anticipate the arrival of major retail establishments, offering unparalleled shopping and lifestyle opportunities conveniently located within the vicinity. Additionally, the development of green spaces and parks will provide residents with tranquil retreats from urban life, promoting community engagement and well-being.

In Summary

The Tampines Trilliant is a 99-year leasehold executive condominium situated in District 18. Boasting an enviable location, it is conveniently positioned just a brief 10-minute stroll or a mere single bus stop ride away from Tampines Central, making it one of the closest developments to this bustling hub. With its exclusive focus on 3 and 4-bedroom units, The Tampines Trilliant caters perfectly to the needs of families, providing ample living space and comfort. 

As Tampines North emerges as a key component of the masterplan for the Tampines district, its development is expected to significantly elevate the vibrancy and dynamism of the area in the foreseeable future. 

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