Sunny Palms Condo Review: A Gateway to Serene Living in Singapore


June 3, 2024

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Sunny Palms is a freehold boutique development located in District 15. The development comprises a total of 56 residential units in a single block, completed in February 2004. It offers residents lush landscapes and a serene sanctuary amidst the bustling cityscape, with easy access to amenities. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the project details and do an analysis of the development’s location, site plan, unit mix, and floor plans. By comparing Sunny Palms with other developments in the area, we will also go over a price and MOAT analysis to give readers a comprehensive review of the development. 

This article was written in April 2024 and does not reflect data and market conditions beyond. 

Project Details 

Location Analysis

Situated in District 15, Sunny Palms offers its residents a range of amenities, essential services and entertainment options that align with their lifestyle preferences and needs. Joo Chiat Complex, Parkway Parade and I12 Katong are all between a 6 to 8-minute drive from the development. Alternatively, residents can head along East Coast Road and Changi Road to find a wide range of cafes and restaurants nearby. 

In terms of connectivity, residents have convenient access to different parts of the city via private vehicle and public transportation options. Kembangan MRT is a 7-minute walk from the development, and several bus stops are between a 3 to 5-minute walk away. Residents can also head to the Central Business District (CBD) or Orchard Road within a 30-minute drive via the Pan Island Expressway (PIE).

For families with children, there are several schools and educational institutions in the vicinity. Tao Nan School and Tanjong Katong Primary School are about an 8-minute drive away. Additionally, Frankel Tutors and the Federation of Art Societies (Singapore) are 7 and 8-minutes away, at walking distance. 

Supermarkets like FairPrice and healthcare services are in close proximity to Sunny Palms for residents to head out to purchase necessities and access essential services. Moreover, Siglap Park Connector and Lor Marsuki Interim Park are both within a 5-minute walk from the development.     

Site Plan Analysis

With a single block spanning 5 storeys and 56 units, Sunny Palms sits on a land size of 4,165 sqm. As it is a boutique condominium, the development offers a small range of essential facilities that are typically found in condos. These include a swimming pool, a wading pool, a basement carpark, and a fitness corner. 

As the development is built on land with a squarish layout, the buildings are all situated with the swimming pool in the middle and do not have much landscaping. Although the facilities are limited compared to larger condo developments, residents here will likely not face any overcrowding of common areas due to the small number of units. 

Price Analysis

In this section, we will be comparing Sunny Palms’ average transacted prices with two other developments: 11 Amber Road and 16 @ Amber. These developments are similar in tenure, are close in proximity to each other, and are all boutique projects. 

11 Amber Road is a freehold development completed in 2004, comprising a total of 40 residential units across 21 floors. Both Sunny Palms and 11 Amber Road were completed in 2004, and have under 60 units with 2 and 3 bedroom configurations. Similarly, 16 @ Amber is a freehold project with 40 units across 11 floors. However, this development is a newer one compared to the other two as it was completed in 2014. Both of these developments are within the same neighbourhood and are a 10-minute drive from Sunny Palms.  

The trend of the average transacted per square foot (PSF) prices presented on the graph over the last 10 years showcase the growth rate of all three developments. 11 Amber Road has experienced the highest growth rate at 70% with the average price at $1,812 psf in 2022. Following closely behind is Sunny Palms, exhibiting an average growth rate of 42% from 2014 to 2024, with its average price psf at $1,386. In contrast, the average transaction prices at 16 @ Amber have shown a modest growth rate of only 2%, with its average price at $1,760 psf (as of 2023) over the same period. 

Sunny Palms’ and 11 Amber Road’s robust growth rate can be attributed to several factors, the first one being the location. Located in District 15, both Sunny Palms and 11 Amber Road are close to a wide range of amenities, essential services, and lifestyle hubs like East Coast Park. It is also a popular area for expats, making the developments an attractive choice for investors looking at rental play. Moreover, the range of unit configurations offered in both (2 and 3 bedrooms) cater to both couples and small families.

In addition to this, the graph illustrates lower prices at Sunny Palms compared to the other two developments. This suggests a compelling entry point for potential homebuyers. The lower price point over the years, along with the level of disparity in prices to 16 @ Amber and 11 Amber Road, Sunny Palms, most likely stood out as an attractive option for buyers while also indicating a potential for price appreciation, which is evident on the graph. 

MOAT Analysis

We have methodically looked at Sunny Palms across 10 different dimensions through our MOAT analysis to provide readers with a balanced and unbiased view of the project. We have done so by comparing Sunny Palms to two other properties near the development, one of which was also used for the price analysis: 16 @ Amber and 8M Residences. For a deeper understanding of the 10 dimensions and aspects of this analysis, please refer to our guide here

In our MOAT Analysis, Sunny Palms placed first, receiving an overall score of 62%. Following behind it closely is 16 @ Amber with a score of 60%. 8M Residences placed third, receiving a score of 50%. Both Sunny Palms and 16 @ Amber’s scores suggest good appeal to homebuyers and a promising potential for growth with scores falling between 60-70% in our analysis. 

Sunny Palms and 8M Residences scored an average of 2 for the Volume Effect, whereas 16 @ Amber scored only a 1 out of 5 points. The metric for the Volume Effect is essential for predicting the future capital appreciation of properties as higher transaction volumes indicate the potential for greater value increase. The lower scores of all three developments can be attributed to their size. Smaller, more exclusive developments typically do not have enough units to garner movement in price trends, however, other factors may contribute to the appreciation of prices. 

Sunny Palms scored the highest on the District Disparity Affect, receiving 5 points. This indicates the project’s psf price is lower compared to other developments in the district. The Development’s high District Disparity Affect score could be attributed to the fewer number of units Sunny Palms has as a boutique condo, as well as being slightly more far away from educational institutions.  

With an average score of 1 point and 2 points, respectively, 8M Residences, Sunny Palms and 16 @ Amber also scored lower on the Parent’s Attraction metric. This indicates the lack of schooling options nearby for families with young children. Conversely, all three developments have a higher MRT Effect score indicating their proximity to MRT stations, with Sunny Palms scoring 3 points (within 600m), 8M Residences scoring 4 points (within 400m) and 16 @ Amber receiving 5 points (within 300m). 

Floor Plan Analysis

In this section, we will highlight our top picks from the units available at Sunny Palms. We aim to provide readers with a guide to finding a unit type that aligns with their lifestyle preferences and requirements. If you are interested in exploring other floor plans not highlighted in our analysis, please contact our sales team directly here or through our social media platforms.

Type E: 2-Bedroom Unit

With a size of 1,001 sqft, the Type E 2-Bedroom unit type offers residents ample space to live comfortably. Its well-designed rectangular layout strategically divides the living spaces, placing the bedrooms on one side and the common areas on the other. Upon entering, you will be met with the dining and living area in front, with the kitchen towards the left side of the entrance. 

The kitchen is nicely segregated into a dry and wet kitchen space, partitioned by a sliding door. This thoughtful design keeps the fumes from heavy cooking out of the living area and offers flexibility in kitchen organisation and meal preps. The dry kitchen area can be turned into a pantry or even a bar depending on the owner’s preferences. It also keeps the kitchen clutter separate from the rest of the living space, promoting cleanliness and organisation. 

The two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms are adjacent to the dining area, offering easy access to the common areas. One drawback of this layout is that there is no common bathroom outside of the bedrooms, which means that your bedroom privacy is compromised when guests have to use the bathroom. However, for investors who are renting out the separate rooms, the convenience and privacy of having attached bathrooms in both bedrooms mitigates this drawback as it may attract a larger pool of potential tenants. 

Type A: 3-Bedroom Unit

The Type A 3-bedroom unit configuration spans 1,313 sqft and is a ground floor unit with a huge Private Enclosed Space (PES). Upon entry, you will find the kitchen on the left hand side with the dining and living areas in front of you. The kitchen is separated with a wall and sliding doors, allowing for an organised environment that keeps kitchen clutter out of the common areas. 

As the common areas are not separated with any walls, there is ample space with an open layout. Similar to the previous 2-bedroom unit type we have highlighted, the 3 bedrooms in this configuration are adjacent to the common areas. The master and bedroom 2 come with attached bathrooms but bedroom 3 does not. Typically in such configurations, the common bath will be separate from the common bedrooms or a jack-and-jill bathroom which allows access to occupants of both common rooms. The latter is the case for this layout, but the other entrance of the bathroom is located at the yard instead.

Type F: 3-Bedroom Unit

The Type F 3-bedroom unit spans 2,949 sqft and is situated on the fourth storey of the block. The unit comes with a spacious dumbbell layout with an expansive private roof garden, offering residents with sufficient space, natural airflow throughout the unit, and a symmetrical and balanced arrangement of the rooms. The entrance brings residents straight to the dining and living areas, with the kitchen on the left and the third bedroom on the right. Additionally, there is a stairwell next to the living area leading to the roof garden.   

This unit type features two bathrooms. The floor plan positions the second bedroom in front of the kitchen, with a common bathroom in between the two rooms. On the other side, the master bedroom with an attached bathroom is adjacent to the living area.   

In Summary

Beyond its idyllic setting, Sunny Palms offers residents the convenience of location, with easy access to a plethora of amenities, shopping malls, and transportation options. Situated within close proximity to essential services, including schools, supermarkets, and public transportation options, the development caters to the diverse needs of its residents.

With its harmonious blend of tranquillity and accessibility, Sunny Palms stands as an ideal choice for discerning homebuyers seeking an exclusive yet well-connected housing option in Singapore.

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