Luxury Living: Exploring High-End Properties in Singapore


December 2, 2023

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Singapore’s luxury housing market epitomises elegance, sophistication, and exclusivity, drawing the attention of high-net-worth individuals and global investors alike. The fusion of opulence with an exceptional quality of life, coupled with a thriving yet stable economy, positions Singapore’s luxury real estate market as the ultimate destination for both local and international buyers.

From prestigious condominiums and exclusive highrise penthouse apartments to exclusive gated communities that accommodate Singapore’s finest bungalows, the city-state presents a diverse array of high-end, lavish properties to cater to discerning buyers.

In this article, we embark on a captivating journey through some of Singapore’s most sought-after and upscale residential areas and properties. We will delve into the distinctive features that set these properties apart and make them alluring to buyers worldwide.

Key Characteristics: What Makes Luxury Properties Stand Out?

There are a number of characteristics that collectively contribute to the allure, desirability and exclusivity of luxury real estate in Singapore. Properties that possess some or all of these factors can offer residents a prestigious address, a status symbol, exceptional amenities and benefits, and an overall elevated quality of living. 

Let’s go over them.

Prime Location

Luxury properties in Singapore are typically situated in prime locations including prestigious districts and waterfront areas. Properties in these areas are highly sought-after addresses as they offer convenience, exclusivity, and proximity to business districts and entertainment hubs. Rightfully so, as the price tag of these properties will need to match up to the lifestyle of those who are able to afford them. 


Luxury real estate in Singapore offers residents ample space in their homes. This is made possible by features such as large living rooms, spacious bedrooms, walk-in closets, multiple bathrooms and a layout that provides extra space for large functional rooms in the house. 

The layout and design of luxury homes may prioritise open floor plans, high ceilings, and outdoor spaces like balconies and terraces that paint the picture of grandeur and create a seamless flow between the different areas of the house.     

As it is a known fact that space in Singapore is scarce, the provision of ample space in real estate aligns with the desire for exclusivity at a premium price.  

Design and Architecture

Another characteristic that distinguishes luxury properties in Singapore is the design and architecture. These luxury properties are designed and built with high-quality materials and have exceptional and innovative architectural features that create a sense of opulence and sophistication. 

These features may include intricate and unique facades, smart home technology, spacious living areas and an open floor layout as we mentioned in the point above, and eco-friendly appliances in the house. More commonly found these days are also concierge services provided to the residents which includes pet pick ups for grooming sessions or hire services for daily cleaning. 

High-end Amenities

Homebuyers who invest in luxury real estate not only get a property that is visually appealing and built with materials of the highest quality, but they also gain access to a range of exclusive amenities. 

This includes private clubs, residents-only lounges, private theatres, spa facilities and luxurious, modern fitness centres amongst many other facilities and amenities. 

High-End Residential Areas

Singapore has various upscale residential areas known for their luxurious properties, exclusive features, and desirable amenities. Here are a few of the high-end residential areas in Singapore:  

Districts 9 & 10

Districts 9 and 10 are renowned for their upscale residential areas that provide residents with a luxurious living experience. These areas comprise various neighbourhoods with access to fine dining, top-notch entertainment and leisure activities, and unique amenities that provide residents with a prestigious status and living experience that is unparalleled. 

District 9 is one of Singapore’s prime residential areas as it is situated in the city’s centre and is in close proximity to the Orchard belt, the country’s shopping hub. The district encompasses various neighbourhoods including Orchard, Cairnhill, Leonie Hill, and River Valley. This location boasts the country’s most upscale condominiums and apartments.

District 10, conversely, is characterised by its serene environment, lush greenery, spacious properties and prestigious neighbourhoods. Neighbourhoods in District 10 include Bukit Timah, Tanglin, and  Holland. Moreover, Nassim Road, Singapore’s most coveted luxury area, is also situated in District 10. These neighbourhoods are known for their upscale and luxurious landed properties like good class bungalows (GCBs). 

Each of these areas comes with its unique charm and offers amenities and benefits that cater to the personal preferences of residents who seek a luxurious lifestyle. While District 9 and 10 are known for their luxury housing offerings, Singapore has a range of other upscale areas with condo developments and landed properties that cater to residents seeking a luxurious living experience. Some other upscale areas with residential properties include, but are not limited to, Sentosa Cove in District 4, Marina Bay in District 1, and Novena in District 11.  

Luxury Properties In Singapore: A Closer Look

Ritz-Carlton Residences

The Ritz-Carlton Residences is a freehold luxury apartment development completed in 2011. The development is located on Cairnhill Road in District 9, in a prime area that is in close proximity to Orchard Road. This project is a collaboration between the luxury hotel brand, The Ritz-Carlton, and the well-known developer, KOP Properties. 

With 58 units in total, The Ritz-Carlton Residences offers a collection of luxurious apartments and penthouses ranging from 3-bedders, 4-bedders, and junior and mega penthouses on the 36th storey. If you are interested in a virtual tour of the development, check out our home tour with Melvin and Adrian here

On top of the prestigious, upscale apartment units, residents have access to a comprehensive range of amenities and services such as laundry and housekeeping services, car parks, and 24-hour concierge and butler services. In addition, residents can also access facilities like a wellness centre with spa treatments, swimming pool, and fitness centre. Moreover, with all of these high-end facilities and amenities, residents get to enjoy the luxury that is associated with The Ritz-Carlton brand, known to provide guests and residents with unparalleled and exceptional living experience. 

GCB at 33 Nassim Road

Nassim Road is known for its exclusive and prestigious properties ranging from condominiums, landed homes, and luxury good class bungalows (GCB). These properties are highly sought-after by locals and foreigners due to their expansive land size, privacy and proximity to prime areas of Singapore. In fact, they are considered to be some of the most exclusive and valuable properties in Singapore, and command exceptionally high prices. GCBs are typically characterised by their large land plots which have plenty of room for building amenities and landscapes with lush greenery. Check out our previous article on GCBs and their pricing in different regions of Singapore here.

This article wouldn’t be complete without a mention of this high-end property in Singapore, as it was a home that made the news in 2019 when it was first sold for the highest price to date. According to an article by Business Times, Wing Tai Holdings chairman Cheng Wai Kung sold a 84,543 square feet GCB at 33 Nassim Road for $230 million in 2019, with the price reflecting $2,721 per square foot.  

The land plot for this property is a rectangular shaped plot and has nearly 100 metres of road frontage. Moreover, it has enough space to be redeveloped into five smaller bungalows of approximately 20,000 square feet each. The two-storey mansion also features a swimming pool, tennis court and garden. 

Landed Homes on Mount Rosie Road

Fraxter Capital is developing three new freehold landed properties on Mount Rosie Road in District 11 that are set to be completed in 2024. These three luxurious homes are part of the Mount Rosie Collection priced at approximately $26.8 million. 

25 Mount Rosie Road is a 3.5-storey inter-terrace house with a 5-bedroom and 5-bathroom configuration. Along with an elegant roof terrace, the house features a spacious courtyard area and a parking area that can accommodate 3 cars. 

23 Mount Rosie Road has a similar configuration to 25 Mount Rosie Road and comes with a basement and attic. However, this house can accommodate more than 3 cars in the 13m wide plot and has open roof terraces in the front and backside of the house. 

Finally, 21 Mount Rosie Road is a detached bungalow that has 8-bed and bath configuration and a secondary living and dining area, making it the largest of the three properties. This house comes with basement parking that can accommodate 6 cars, a swimming pool, attic and a balcony that connects all bedrooms.   

Each of these houses are North-west facing and surrounded by lush greenery and black and white bungalows situated at the Goldhill Enclave. They are also in close proximity to shopping malls, healthcare facilities and will offer residents easy access to major roads in the city. Check out our virtual tour of the properties with Cheryl and YanYan here.   

Closing Thoughts

Singapore offers a plethora of high-end, luxury properties that cater to individuals and families seeking a luxurious lifestyle. From prestigious addresses of District 9 and 10 to homes situated amidst greenery in different neighbourhoods throughout the city, Singapore showcases a diverse range of upscale housing options for both locals and foreigners. These luxurious properties put an emphasis on spaciousness, cutting-edge technology and home appliances, sustainable features and exceptional first-class amenities. 

If you enjoyed exploring the various luxurious properties we went over today, and would like to see more, check out Prestige by PLB for our current listings for properties on the luxury real estate market. 

If you are looking to expand your property portfolio and have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us here and get connected with experts to assist you on your property journey. 

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