Haw Par Villa — Trick or Treat?


October 31, 2022

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As the number of days in October dwindles, Halloween creeps deeper into the hearts of thrill seekers and brave souls alike. However, before gimmicky haunted houses and spooky events were commercialised, the initial eldritch location many remember was Haw Par Villa’s Ten Courts of Hell. Parents did not need to wait for Halloween to pay this place a nefarious visit and scare their children into obedience. After all, what is scarier than seeing hell personified in the courts? 

Even then, children were not the only victims of the Ten Courts of Hell. Besides looking like the underworld with darkness and blood, many online believe that the entrance of the petrifying site is the actual doorway to hell. And others even recount seeing or hearing the many dioramas come to life in the dead of dawn.

Yet, even with all these eerie beliefs surrounding the courts, the area surrounding Haw Par Villa or Pasir Panjang continues to be a hotspot amongst homeowners and investors. In this article, we celebrate Halloween by revisiting the original nightmare of the 80s and uncovering the location’s peculiar popularity. Is Haw Par Villa a Trick or Treat?


Chronicles of the Court

Built in 1937 by Aw Boon Haw, one of the founders of Tiger Balm, the Ten Courts of Hell was intended to educate the public about Buddhist, Confucian and Taoist belief systems. As such, the dioramas in the courts reflect the traditional and religious perspective of the afterlife for a sinner.

According to Chinese mythology, when you pass on, you will arrive in the First Court of Hell, where King Qinguang will review your past deeds. If you are deemed virtuous, you will ascend to paradise; if not, you will be sent to the Mirror of Retribution and punished in the relevant Court(s). The gruesome depiction of the different punishments inside the Ten Courts of Hell is what nightmares are made of. But they do not just exist in your head; some claim to have felt or even seen these hell-ish images manifest in real life.

Some believe the eerie sightings are a result of a witch doctor’s rituals who summoned spirits and ghouls in Haw Par Villa to perform dark magic. Not sure where else to go after being released, the spirits possessed the dioramas, especially in the Ten Courts of Hell.

Peculiar Popularity

Yet, despite these spooky speculations, the residences around Haw Par Villa are not short of demand. And a prime reason for that is its amazing location

Brimmed with an abundance of luxury freehold private residences, from landed homes to condominiums, this area is perfect for homeowners looking for an upmarket experience just at the edge of the city centre. Following the grandeur spirit of the area, upcoming condominiums like Terra Hill and The Verandah Residences also promise an edge in luxurious living, offering extravagant amenities and stunning views.

Besides living in an air of opulence, residences in this area also cater towards couples who intend to start a family. Parents should be well-assured of the convenience, with an abundance of schools, from primary schools to universities.

With that, these properties are not only attractive to burgeoning families but also potential tenants who are schooling in the area. With multiple universities and international schools, the close distance will definitely be an attractive consideration for them. Moreover, Pasir Panjang is not only surrounded by schools but also business parks such as Science Park and Mapletree Business City, expanding your rental pool to include those who wish to save time on their commute to work.


One Hell(a) Future

In spite of the Ten Courts of Hell’s (supposed) creepy past, the area surrounding the court remains a treat to many groups of people, from homeowners to investors. And this appeal will only increase with the completion of the Greater Southern Waterfront project, which aims to improve accessibility and incorporate more greens and blues into the area.

This then calls into question how relevant superstitions matter in your home search process. Trick or treat you ask? We think the latter is true if residing in the midst of convenience and luxury is your desired lifestyle. To find out more about the area, feel free to contact our team at PropertyLimBrothers. Happy Hawlloween and till our next trip down (a less frightening) memory lane ~

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