January 29, 2020

Upgrading From HDB flat To Private Property? [How Should I do it?] | ASK Ep44 (George Peng)

Hello everyone, in today’s episode of ASKPropertyLimBrothers, George Peng talks about the factors and scenarios when selling your HDB and upgrade to Private Property in Singapore. 😃

We received some questions like, “My husband and I are currently staying in our HDB and we plan to upgrade.” “Should we sell first before buying or should we buy first before we sell?” I believe this is a very common question that a lot of homeowners are facing and whether they want to sell from the HDB to upgrade to private, which is very common nowadays, or to sell so that they can move closer to their kids’ school or closer to their parents’ place.

I believe that more often than not a lot of homeowners are not aware of what are their options or what are the factors to consider, which I believe it might hinder their ability to make an informed decision. So, this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to break it down into five different sectors, which I believe are crucial in helping you to decide. And the, we will take a look at the two different scenarios and weigh your pros and cons.