May 06, 2023

Owner’s Interior insecurities, But Property Sold in 16 Days! | Chit Chat Sessions

Derrick was relatively new to the Singapore property market and was eager to learn more about it. Having recently purchased his Built-to-Order (BTO) flat with the intention of selling it, he was actively seeking information and guidance on how to navigate the market effectively. While browsing YouTube for information, he came across some of our Home Tour videos after they were suggested to him.

He initially thought that the specific colour scheme used in his home’s interior might not appeal to potential buyers. To his surprise, the Home Tour video helped to attract a more serious pool of buyers who appreciated the property’s unique style. Additionally, he mentioned how it provided a comprehensive and visually appealing tour of the property, highlighting its unique features and design elements.

In this episode of Chit Chat Sessions, our host, Angeline, sits down with Derrick and Inside Sales Team consultants, Kevin and Wayne, as they discuss Derrick’s experience with PropertyLimBrothers!