June 10, 2023

Chit Chat Sessions Ep 39 | 17 Viewings In 1 Week + Closing The Deal At Midnight!

Clive and Joanne, who had made a commitment to their next property and were in need of a fast sale for their house. Clive was recommended to PropertyLimBrothers from a business partner. The entire process, from the beginning to the end, was highly efficient, providing them with a wonderful and trustworthy experience. Our team demonstrated professionalism by evaluating the property and suggesting strategies to enhance its market appeal. We utilised a closed bidding system that ensured fairness, without creating a competitive atmosphere among the offers. Throughout the process, Clive and his wife, Joanne were kept informed at every step, maintaining open communication and transparency.

With 17 viewings in just one week and a steady stream of offers pouring in, the entire process, particularly the Home Tour, will undoubtedly remain a cherished memory for Clive and Joanne in the years to come. We invite you to join us on this episode and discover what other thoughts the couple had about their experience working with us, accompanied by Adrian and Caline from PropertyLimBrothers.