July 13, 2023

CBD’s Upcoming Breath of Life – Newport Residences New Launch! NLR Ep10

Newport Residences is a New Launch mixed use it was previously development incorporating “Work, Live, Play” into its spaces and functions made up of Newport Plaza, Newport Tower and Newport Residences. Originally Fuji Xerox Towers, and under the CBD Incentive Scheme, we’ll see new life breathed into District 2! Follow Melvin Lim, Grayce and Yu Rong from PropertyLimBrothers as they gather the information available, estimate the launch prices, offer location analyses, as well as insights about the unit mix. 

Find out why the launch was postponed, as well as what to look forward to in the next part of our Newport Residences New Launch Banter Series. Newport Residences isn’t just a redevelopment by renowned developers CDL, look forward to how this new launch is going to rejuvenate the CBD area under the CBD Incentive Scheme! 

Editor’s Note: The indicative prices mentioned in our video around the 8-minute mark are sourced from agent reports published in The Business Times and are not officially provided by City Developments Limited (CDL). As of now, official price guides for Newport Residences have not been shared by CDL.