PLB Signature Home Tour Videos: Why Home Tours Are Important In Selling Properties


November 24, 2023

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PLB Signature Home Tour Videos: Why Home Tours Are Important In Selling Properties

Let’s rewind back to the pre-internet days where properties are primarily marketed through classified ads in newspapers and flyers distributed on the streets or in mailboxes. In today’s context, that is like shouting into the abyss and expecting a reply. You can probably imagine how difficult it is to move your property through those mediums, especially since the only way to visualise the space is to make a viewing enquiry and head down physically. 

Then came the internet and search engines, which the real estate industry has greatly benefited from. The rise of property listing portals such as PropertyGuru and enable property agents to put up their listings with all the necessary information, floor plans, and images. Tools such as financial calculators and location maps are also incorporated into the listings to help viewers with their decision-making process. Since the launch of property listing portals, selling properties through them proved to be very effective. However, is that still the best way to market properties to their fullest potential in the age of social media?

Enter our PLB Signature Home Tour videos. In this article, we explore the reasons why home tour videos are important in selling properties in today’s market and how it allows properties to be marketed to their fullest potential.

How it started

In 2016, PropertyLimBrothers co-founders Melvin Lim and Adrian Lim identified a market opportunity as they questioned the effectiveness of conventional marketing methods, such as distributing brochures and flyers or simply listing on a property portal. Motivated to offer potential buyers a virtual property tour experience, they created their very first video. This was not just a simple interior walkthrough; instead, it was a presenter-style video that provided an in-depth analysis and addressed concerns about the property’s distinctive features, pioneering what later became known as PLB’s Signature Home Tour Video. This approach was further enhanced by innovative use of motion graphics and 3D Architectural Visualisation, effectively bringing properties to life.

The innovative video approach resonated well with the audience, resulting in the property being sold in under a month. In an effort to differentiate themselves further in the market, Melvin and Adrian decided to launch their own business. Taking a suggestion from a client, they named their company “PropertyLimBrothers” due to their shared surname.

Following a series of successful and well-received videos, they set up an in-house production team, laying the foundation for PropertyLimBrothers Media. Since 2018, PLB has crafted over 2,000 home tour and educational videos, accumulating more than 43 million views and over 70,000 subscribers on YouTube. As the only real estate firm in Singapore boasting a full-time in-house production team, PLB continues to innovate in the real estate content creation realm and put out consistently high-quality videos.

Why are Home Tours important for sellers?

Maximum Exposure, Immersive Experience

One of the biggest advantages of having a home tour video when marketing your property is that everything is packaged in a way to draw attention, showcasing all the best aspects of the property, and not to mention, the immersive experience for potential buyers. 

The competitive nature of Singapore’s real estate market means that homebuyers are often in a race to find their ideal properties swiftly. Our PLB Signature Home Tour videos stand out as a practical solution, offering in-depth virtual walkthroughs of homes that can be viewed comfortably from anywhere. This approach was particularly valuable during the pandemic, as it allowed for a safe and convenient viewing experience.

Utilising video as a medium not only captures the imagination and creativity of those watching but also fulfils one of our objectives with these home tours. By guiding viewers through a virtual journey of the property, complete with a presenter discussing the best features of the property, our videos act as an initial screening step, efficiently paving the way for further interest and action in the home buying process.

Presentation of Research & Analysis

Every PLB Signature Home Tour video is done after thorough research and analysis conducted by our Inside Sales Team consultants. This includes an in-depth analysis of the property’s location, pricing trends, future exit and appreciation potential, and more. We also value-add to our viewers by including our suggestions for renovations, layout planning, as well as ways to mitigate potential concerns. 

When crafting our home tour videos, we strive to maintain a harmonious balance between showcasing the various areas of the property and creating a narrative flow. This is achieved through careful scripting and meticulous editing. By weaving together diverse features to accentuate the property’s unique attributes, we enhance the viewer’s experience. Timestamps are also incorporated for each video, allowing viewers to quickly navigate to specific sections of interest or to review particular segments as needed. 

All these elements together allow potential buyers to understand the property on a deeper level before making the move to enquire for viewings, saving sellers a lot of time in terms of quantifying them. 

Graphics & 3D Architecture Visualisation

At PropertyLimBrothers, we are constantly innovating and exploring fresh ideas to feature properties in our home tour videos. Graphics have been a staple in enhancing the appeal and depth of our videos. All of the presentation of research and analysis is complemented by motion graphics tastefully designed to elevate the viewing experience of our audience.

Taking it a notch higher, we have also embraced the use of 3D Architectural Visualisation to offer tangible renovation concepts and ideas for alterations, bringing a new dimension of creativity to our presentations. 

3D Architectural Visualisation allows us to craft precise and detailed representations of architectural designs, enhancing the audience’s ability to perceive the potential within a space or building. These visual models allow viewers to not just understand the layout but also to imagine how the property can appear under different lighting conditions. This enhancement of the visual tour significantly elevates the overall experience, igniting a feeling of wonder and a keen interest in the actual experience of living within the space.

By highlighting the property not just for what it is but what it could be, we are able to cast a bigger net out to the sea of potential buyers who may be inspired by the potential of the property, which is highly beneficial when marketing our sellers’ properties. 

Closing Thoughts

The real estate industry is constantly evolving, and we not only ride the waves of change, but continuously innovate and push the boundaries of property marketing. As the only real estate company in Singapore with a realty combined with a full-time media team, we are armed with an arsenal of talents and skill sets assembled with the sole purpose of serving our clients’ property needs.

So if you are looking to sell your property and are keen to try something new and different, do reach out to us here and our friendly consultants will be more than happy to assist you. PropertyLimBrothers, always happy to show you the place. 

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