Mastering the Art of Home Tours: An Insider look at PLB’s Process for Crafting Home Tours


January 12, 2024

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Welcome to the world of PropertyLimBrothers’ signature home tour videos, where every frame is a brushstroke in a masterpiece of real estate artistry. In a market saturated with standard property listings, PLB stands out by crafting home tours that do more than just show; they tell a story, evoke emotions, and create a connection. Each step in our video creation process is meticulously planned and executed with precision, ensuring that every aspect of a property is showcased to its fullest potential. From understanding the unique character of each home to employing cutting-edge filming techniques, our approach is both an art and a science. 

In this article, we take you behind the scenes of our home tour videos, revealing why each step in our process is crucial in transforming a property listing into an engaging narrative that captivates potential buyers and sets the stage for a successful sale.

1. Research

Every home tour video first starts with the research phase, where our team will get to know the property and find out all of its challenges and plus points. Each property is unique and comes with its own set of pros and cons, which is why it is crucial for us to showcase the best facets of the property and highlight potential concerns in order to address and solve them for our potential buyers. 

The next part of the research process is to do an in-depth location and pricing analysis. This can be very time-consuming for consultants that are just starting out, but it gets easier with practice. In our location and pricing analysis, we look at the growth potential of the area using the URA Master Plan, on top of a series of tools that we have developed over the years. This includes our MOAT Analysis, Trifecta, Disparity Effect, as well as the Prime Hexagon. Further research is done on factors affecting landed properties such as road line plans, landed home zoning and rebuilding concerns with our architect partners. 

And of course, all these will be consolidated into a structured and comprehensive home tour script for the presenter to use for the actual home tour shoot.

2. Preparations

Typically when an exclusive has been secured, our team will head down to the property for another round of site visit to assess what is needed for the prep work. The team would then come up with a proposal of what needs to be done, and once the owners have approved it, we will proceed with the necessary prep work.

3. Scheduling

When we talk about prep work, it is all about staging the property to show it in the best possible light. This can include, but not limited to, getting a fresh coat of paint and working with our staging partners to bring in extra furniture and create a “show flat effect”. If the unit is owner-occupied, we would usually advise the owners to do some decluttering as well.

4. Shoot Preparations

The next step is to book a shoot date. This would include booking drone shots (if necessary), virtual tour, videographers and photographer, and presenter. All these are scheduled in conjunction with the owners’ availability, especially if the unit is owner-occupied or tenanted. 

5. Shoot Day

Before the shoot day, the team will prep and pack all the equipment needed for the shoot, making sure that all the necessary devices are fully charged and ready to go.  

On shoot day, the team arrives at the property with all the equipment and will start with setting up the camera gear, lighting, and any additional equipment needed for the shoot. This includes tripods, microphones, and sometimes drones for aerial shots.

Before filming, the team would typically do a walkthrough of the property. This helps the videographers plan the shoot, identifying key features and areas to highlight. They will often discuss with the listing manager about any specific aspects they want to emphasise.

The filming process is quite dynamic, involving a combination of static shots, walk-and-talk segments, and detailed close-ups. We have also explored doing vlog-style home tour videos. The presenters guide viewers through the property, highlighting its features, potential, and unique selling points. They also discuss the neighbourhood, accessibility, and other relevant information and analysis.

If the property’s exterior and surroundings are a significant selling point, the team may use drone footage to capture aerial views, showcasing the locale and the property’s placement within it.

6. Post Production

Back in the office, the editor in charge of the specific home tour video will go through the footage and sieve out the usable footage from the NG shots (some of which you may find in the blooper reels at the end of the home tour).  

7. First Cut

The next step would be to put together a first cut, which includes removing the presenters’ stutters and filler words to make them sound as smooth as possible. This process can take up to two days depending on the property and the length of the entire presentation. It is also one of the most crucial steps in the whole editing process as it sets the tone for the entire home tour video.

8. B-rolls & Music

Once the first cut is ready, it is time to insert B-rolls and music. For the uninitiated, B-rolls refer to supplemental video footage that intercut with the main shots. In our home tour videos, these can come in the form of an aerial shot of the property or estate, aesthetic shots of the interior spaces, or any particular furniture or feature that the presenter has mentioned. We also include B-roll breaks to keep our viewers engaged with extra visuals that contribute to the narrative. 

Music is another important element that adds to the entire mood and feel of the video. It is crucial for us to pick a track that suits the theme of the video, which is why it can take up to half a day to find the perfect track for a video.

9. Motion Graphics & 3D Architectural Visualisation

At this stage, our motion graphics team will come in to animate certain parts like the maps of our location analysis or visuals for the financial analysis. These parts of the video would typically feel a bit draggy if there is no visual representation for reference, which is why good motion graphics can really elevate the entire video. Our motion graphics specialists are constantly pushing the limit of their creativity, finding new ways and styles to present their graphics.

At PLB, we continuously innovate new ways to bring value to our clients. One recent upgrade in our home tour videos is the use of 3D architectural visualisation which allows viewers to reimagine the space and envision new possibilities or inspirations that they might not have thought of. 

10. Subtitles

Subtitling is also an important step to ensure that our viewers have a pleasant viewing experience. Although not all prefer having subtitles in a video, having it makes the video more inclusive and accessible for viewers. Some of our videos are also translated and subtitled in Mandarin to expose the property listing to a larger group of demographics.

All subtitles go through our in-house copywriter for vetting of grammatical errors and accuracy before the video is launched.  

11. Colour Correction & Colour Grading

When we shoot our home tour videos, the lighting might not always be the best on site. The raw video footage could often turn out to be yellowish and underexposed, which is why it is important to do colour correction and grading during post production. This allows us to apply a consistent look and feel throughout the whole home tour video.    

12. Final Checks

Once the video is ready to be vetted, our Art Director will do the final checks on all aspects of the video including the theme, overall flow of shots, and colour grading. And the end (of this project) is in sight!  

13. Launch

The final step to the whole production is the launching of the video on our YouTube channel, including the video description, time stamps, and tags. And there you have it! The end of our 13-step end-to-end video production walkthrough.

Closing Thoughts

PLB’s Signature Home Tour Videos are crafted in a meticulous and strategic process that significantly enhances the appeal and visibility of properties in today’s competitive real estate market. Each step, from careful planning and scripting to professional filming and engaging storytelling, is designed to showcase the property’s unique features and potential. 

By focusing on the details that matter to prospective buyers, these videos provide a comprehensive and immersive experience, setting the stage for a successful sale. The commitment to quality and creativity in these tours not only positions the property in the best possible light but also reflects the dedication of our team to excellence in real estate marketing. 

As the digital era continues to evolve, our home tour videos remain a vital tool in connecting properties with the right buyers, demonstrating the power of well-crafted visual storytelling in the real estate industry.

If you’re looking to sell your property and want it to stand out in the market, do get in touch with us here. Our team is committed to transforming your property’s presentation into an engaging and captivating experience that resonates with potential buyers. Contact us today and let us help you showcase your property in its best light, ensuring it receives the attention and appreciation it deserves!

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