July 08, 2024

New Launch Condo Price Highs, EC’s Guaranteed Profitability & Condo Analysis Tools | NOTG S3 Ep 72

Yu Rong, Jesley, and Marc from PropertyLimBrothers discuss the current issue of new launch prices being too high, and have sales have remained strong in spite of the high prices. They examine how bank valuations and market forces interact to determine these prices—Jesley describing this interaction as a potential flaw—stressing the importance of informed investment decisions and a deep understanding of market dynamics.

The team explains the difference between momentum and value investing in real estate. They emphasise the need to ensure new launches have the potential for price appreciation and discuss factors influencing momentum in the property market. They also discuss how different unit types and views (e.g., lake-facing) affect pricing and demand, highlighting the significance of unique architectural features and facilities in driving interest and creating a strong market presence. For more exciting insights, stay tuned to this new launch-focused episode of NOTG!

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00:00 Intro
03:56 New Launch Convention Sharing
07:46 New launches are too expensive?
12:14 Momentum Investing
14:39 Dairy Farm Residences first launch, not much sales
18:14 64 new launches in 1 year
21:20 Only new launches will make money?
24:24 Resale vs New Launch buying behaviour
28:50 This two are 100% guaranteed profitable
30:46 Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
31:46 2018 Cooling Measure, 11PM announcement
35:23 Indicators of when developers will drop prices
38:10 Buying the wrong unit by mistake
40:05 Feng shui
43:16 Floor levels in condos are not important
44:20 Sora 80% lake view, which floor level would you select? (Tree Analysis)
50:27 One stack, same price (Reverse FOMO Effect)
52:25 Purpose of your purchase / Yu Rong is a Value Baller
54:45 Facing can give you a 10% to 15% price difference
56:50 Choosing the right facing
01:03:13 Benchmark PSF
01:04:52 Proper floor plans efficiency
01:09:15 Selecting the right unit
01:13:47 MRT impact to new launches
01:17:25 Are MRTs really that important for new projects?
01:20:20 “I don’t want to be near MRT”
01:24:30 Projects to keep a look out
01:33:16 Outtakes

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