Is it possible to pass the Real Estate Agent exams in Singapore on the first try?

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July 2, 2021

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Those taking the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) exams come from all walks of life, from homemakers to mid-career transitioners to fresh graduates (and perhaps you, dear reader, reading this post). You probably would have heard horror stories of people failing this exam after tendering their resignation letters to their former companies and the like – we know because we have heard most of them. Here at PropertyLimBrothers, all of our sales team had to go through that same ordeal but they all came out stronger and are now part of our family.

We understand how these exams may be daunting for some, which gives rise to our new programme – HomeSKOOL by PLB. We want to equip future exam takers with expert insider tips and tricks to know how to score for your RES exams, while having a community of like-minded peers to study and engage with.

Read on to find out how HomeSKOOL by PLB can help you to pass your RES exams.

Worry #1: “The cost of the whole course and exam fees are really high, I’m scared that I will fail and have to re-take, which wastes more money…”

Hear us out – failure is okay. It’s alright to not pass on the first time and there’s nothing wrong with taking the papers again! Failing just means that you are not ready to be an agent yet, think of it this way – would you trust your home in the hands of someone who is not licensed?

And let’s put the price into perspective, let’s say you pass on your second try, that $800 fee will be spread across the 10 over years that you will be in this industry. That will just be a few cents a day in the long run, now that’s a worthy investment.

Worry #2: “There’s too much content to cover, I don’t know how to memorise everything!”

A common complaint that we hear is that there is way too much content covered in the RES syllabus, with students stressing out over how to memorise everything. Many RES programmes teach you WHAT to study but not HOW to study it.

The good news is that we have the best tried and tested study techniques and the efficient study materials to accompany it, right at your disposal at homeSKOOL by PLB. Our friendly mentors know what you are going through, and you can count on them to guide you along every step of the way.

Worry #3: “I don’t have anyone to turn to when I’m unsure of my answers, it gets lonely studying for this by myself.”

Gone are the days of studying with friends in classrooms, and being able to ask around for help… or is it? At HomeSKOOL by PLB, we have a team of industry experts ready to answer any questions and doubts you might have. You can connect with them and other peers from the programme on our exclusive HomeSKOOL by PLB Telegram group, for added ease and convenience!

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We will also organise physical study groups (subject to COVID restrictions), to give you a conducive place to work and keep each other accountable and motivated.

Sounds good? Sign up here and we will be in touch!



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